19 thoughts on “[09.08.2011] Jap twitter”

  1. Wahhhh…..so so romantic…who could resist……sharing my favourite McD vanilla ice cream together with my prince….taste just heavenly. And having same thought too….Just now tempted to get one when passed by McD before reaching home 15 minutes ago. Aiyo the urge its so great must go out to get it now……wait for me my prince…here comes the second one!!! *~*

      • Keun Suk, Keun Suk… “you ping chi ling mah!” that’s what he likes to say in Mandarin in Memorizing Lyrics show hahaha

      • Maybe we should all wear assorted ice cream costume to greet him just like taiwanese eels wearing wedding dress……wouldn’t that be a great surprise to him!!!! His favourite dessert!!!

  2. Just imagine him with twinkle in his eyes, cheerful smile holding up the ice cream and photographing it – thinking to himself “Ping qi ling you ma?” Our Keun Suk has a lovely sense of humour and a warm, playful personality.

  3. Sukkie knows well what makes eels melt more…(//▽//) *sigh*
    We all welcome such kinds of baits, his half-eaten ice-cream! 🙂

  4. actually i don’t like ice cream cos i’m on diet now … but after i know it Suk fav.. i dont care about my diet anymore.. hahahaaaa

  5. Hi gals, remember to submit your personal profile for the “PROJECT” ASAP for our compilation !!
    Fighting eels ! Very simple just spend a few minutes to complete your profiles and personal messages to JKS and send to the email address given (do you want him to read your message ?) hahaha

    We really hope the numbers of submission and participation will be as high as possible to show our support to Sukkie & to give him confidence that he will be The Prince of World instead of only Asia !!!


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