14 thoughts on “[Jap magazine] MEN’S NON・NO (メンズ ノンノ) Sep 2011 issue”

  1. yup handsome like always ^^

    but its seem like repro and animation style….is it Mens Non-no style?? mostly i saw Mens Non-no cover with Kimura Takuya as a Model but its seem the real photo, different with JKS in this edition

    • You’re right, maybe who scanned the magazine photoshopped it because the pictures seem edited!

      Btw he’s so handsome in these photos 😀
      Thansk for sharing ^^

  2. I’m always surprised to see unreleased pics at apheael’s blog. The magazine will be on sale tomorrow. But thanks in advance ^^

    • Mindy, I’m sorry to notice your comment. I don’t have enough time now because Sukkie will come to Japan this week and I’ve been so busy to translate my favorite book into English as a present for him. But after that, I can make spare time to do translation. So please wait for a while.

      • Sorry, my English is wrong.. I wanna say “I’m sorry I haven’t noticed your comment for such a long time.”

  3. he seemed to look skinny, but still interesting and handsome.
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