7 thoughts on “[05.08.2011] JKS at Busan”

  1. Yippie!!! Thanks to Carol70, able to Vote in SDA 2011 with unlimited access.

    Using Internet Explorer (after still have the word “inaccess to page” using google),
    just create a new yahoo account,
    log in,
    add tab,
    paste voting site http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/sda2011
    choose preferred language,
    click on “voting event”…..till click confirm.
    close voting site tab
    sign out from yahoo without closing the tab
    sign in again
    add tab to go into voting site again

    Hope this works for the other eels who are facing the same problem like me. Plzzzzz give it a try coz PYC is still #1 with 326,809 vote while our sukkie 273,325.
    FIGHTING !!!!!

    Btw, wish I’m the one standing with the one & only cool & sexy prince.

    • Momofoong, u are most welcome. We help each other coz we as a team here, and also being eels in the same muddy pond 😉

      • Yeahhh!!!! Lets hold hands. One for all and all for one!!! That’s the least we can do for our sukkie.^~^

  2. Wonderful!!!! Ladies, more eels power till the very last second. Never ever give up where our prince is concern. Any idea how to rope in more eels as some of them might not know this blog?

  3. wanna promote, but i’m sure antifans will do their best to ban this site.. hey, more than 10,000 less than PYC? cried2..:'(


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