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  1. awww….that’s our sukkie. We all should put in more effort to vote him to be #1 just like last year, the best actor category in the Seoul Drama Awards. He deserves to win again. More power eels!!!

  2. No regret to be an eel trapped in JKS pond.
    Very proud of our Prince – a man with a kind heart, very caring and sincere.
    God bless your good deeds to others.

  3. I love love him unconditionally. Ohhhh….my heart is flaring up with joy every time I read how nice and kind he is as a real person; not some characters he has to portray. Sukkie is an amazing and special man. He had shown us so many times, on many occasions that he sincerely cares for everyone, especially his Eels. No wonder so many people love him.

  4. OY MY!! This boy really has a BIG BIG heart that will melt all his eels away!!
    I am falling deeper & deeper and loving him even more now!
    I’m sure our pond of eels will very soon become a deep sea of eels!
    All falling too deep for our dear Prince! 🙂

    Thanks Aphrael for translating & sharing with us this piece of amazing news!

  5. Omgee so touching that i wanted to cry….. there is no word to say about it how touching that was …..
    LOVE SUKIE FOREVER…. i just want to give him a big big hug and a kiss …..

      • I watched and now I watched this again, is good they cut the commercials. He really had fun in the program and he was doing great on the stage. What a bright star. I wish I was there on site.

  6. How many touching stories he has!? I really really respect the way he behave to others.
    He doesn’t take their devotion for granted and always expresses his thankfulness to everyone else. No wonder his sincere kindness makes people involved become his supporter. And needless to say, we eels are into him more and more! 🙂

      • Dunno why i cant seems to post my reply… trying for the 5th time now.

        Yes, I’m in Korea and I got the ticket. Will be attending the show tomorrow. So so excited ^^

      • Rose, immediate come back & report to us yr experience in his homeground Cri Show! Enjoy yourself …..excited for you too ^^

      • Yes, yes. Will do definitely! Will share my experience with all of you all 🙂 It’s my first time writing fans account, so may not be as detailed as so many experience eels, hehehe…

  7. Aphrael or anyone..i want to know about CRI SHOW in Seoul TOMORROW, can you give me latest news about the preparation, etc.. i really miss his live performance on the stage, his singing,dancing..of course LOUNGE H time..OMG i’m so excited.. 🙂

    • Wen, this is one of the many stories I have heard of this Beautiful man inside out.. so many others which made eels just fall deeper in the pond..
      The other is the Code Combine autograph session which on the night before, after his filming of YMP (you’re my pet) late at night, when he knows many of his eels were queuing overnight at the Code Combine store at MyeongDong just to be the first 100 to be entitled to get this autograph the next day.. he drove to the store in his Porche (the late Louis…) and with handwritten note “see you tomorrow.. from Prince” and “caution” with the coffee he got for all the eels at the queue.. and not only that, he entertained them by shuffling with his manager on the street to keep their tireness away and when I saw the pictures taken by eel of the incident.. I’m really touched.. he is like a Beautiful Prince to princess eels..

  8. I have read this news long long time ago ! That’s is not the only reason we LOve him ! It’s because of his beautiful characters and good heart ! He is born with it ! Nothing changed after so many years ! Until now he is still doing charity works ! donations and help as much as he can ! His Eels love him forever ✌️👍👏💋❤️😍🥰🙏😇🥇🥇


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