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  1. Wow..sukkie seems to be so happy celebrating his birthday..!! 😀 He’s so cute..as always..!Eels succeeded in making #HBDJKS at Twitter’s trending topic..Shin Hye even greeted him via twitter which made all the GeunSHin shippers feels so alive….so many things to celebrate!!!!Eels are shuffling!!hehe..thanks for posting this pics..more power to this blog.. ^^

      • Create a twitter account..sign up..it’s fast.. 🙂 follow him by typing @treeJ_company on the search bar of twitter or type twitter.com/treeJ_company directly at the address bar once you finished signing up and then FOLLOW him.. ^^ He’s tweeting often with photos..also follow his other account @jksjapan..it’s also maintain by his team and he’s tweeting there via Japanese language.. 😀

  2. He really looks soooo happy! He seems to enjoy those simple gifts 🙂 And he really got what he asked for… a pair of briefs!

    • INDONESIA EELS kerennnn……..kita bisa bikin #HBDJKS trend in Indonesia lebih dari 12 jam .. its awesome!! 🙂 Nita nice to see you,kamu tinggal dimana? ak tinggal di Surabaya

      • @Cherry ..yup nga cm Indonesia kok say, smua Eel all over the world bersatu malam itu hahahaa

        nice to see you to Cherry..aku di Lampung, salam kenal^^

  3. When I look his happy face, I also become happy ^^
    Happy Birthday,Sukkie!! *endless congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  4. He must be really surprised with panty…. .. LOL!!!! Anyway, happy birthday, Suk!!!!!! birthday is not just about being older…. but being better …. 😉 🙂 Stay handsome and cute!!!!!! Aja Aja Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk!

    I think he is the only one in this world who can look soooo cuuute, haappppy and picture perfect (see pic no 4) in the silly “strawberry cake” of a hat!

  6. Is it a custome made hat? Look exactly like the cake hahaha

    Farina, r u able to find a brief for our Sukkie? He has one, is it from you …. wow!! He loves it

    • Carol, I got him a sexier brief…for his eyes only, wahahaha!!! Obviously the air 7 perigi & 7 bunga didn’t work, so I might as well indulge!

  7. Oh My God!! He is soooooo adoooooorable!! And you can tell the happiness is genuine! As in he isn’t faking the excitement!


    Thanks for the pictures, guys! 🙂

    Also, can someone help me with signing up on Jang Keun Suk’s official website? It’s in Korean and I don’t understand a word. Google translate isn’t helping either =\
    Some parts are in English, but most aren’t, and so I feel it’s useless to hang out there D=

  8. He’s so cute! He seems really happy lately , hope his bright smile never stops glowing he makes me bear my pain much better with everything happening in my country.
    Hi gals! Long time no see!
    please pray for my country Syria. I have lost many people that I love , I wish people will understand that the freedom of someone is not to force his opinions on others. Most of us love our president. He did so much to make Syria a better place.
    Hope non of you face what my country is facing now. If things goes on like this , those people who claim they want freedom will create a civil war where no one will be a winner. all of us will lose and the only winners will be our enemies.

    Wishing a peaceful year for all your countries and families.

    • Hi Cri J
      How’s yr exams? Hope you will pass it with flying colours!
      Hearing firsthand from a countryman’s feelings and agony over this tumultuous period your country is facing makes it so REAL. I must admit I’m very ignorant about what is happening in Syria (must really read up on it), I can only offer my condolence for the loss of your loved ones as well as all who have fought for their rights. What you said is so true, sad as it is… I can only pray that peace will come to Syria soon & all the bloodshed will cease. Insya Allah.

      • Thanks so much for your kind words. My exams are not so good.
        I have too many things to think about.
        seeing friends becoming enemies and families being ripped apart made me feel so ripped apart myself.
        I am mostly sad about the fact that other countries are trying to be involved which will make the situation worse.
        I am sad for every single person that died whether I agree with them or not. But I am with the current government because they truly improved Syria a lot. The people who are against the current government are barely 25% of Syrian people. They are holding weapons to force what they want. their objective is purely personal that’s why even those 25% are divided in to so many groups , each has it’s own version of the “new Syria” which benefit them not the country as a whole.
        The international media is not dealing with the news objectively. They are talking about protesters alone. When I was in Kuwait I thought all Syrian people are against the government which was weird. Now that I see everything with my own eyes I know that most of what the media says is what it’s owner wants others to think.

        aphreal, sorry for bringing this up here. I was so upset that I wrote about it. If it bothers you or if it breaks any rules please feel free to delete it and I will E-mail Farina.

      • Hi cri-J

        It’s fine, no worries.

        It’s very sad that there are unscrupulous people who are so blinded by their own selfish interests and desire for power that they have no qualms about sacrificing the lives of innocent people and throwing a country into war. And it’s equally sad that the rest of us ordinary people are helpless and powerless to do anything, except depend on our governments and political powers…. It may take many years for a politically struggling country to achieve peace, and I can only fervently hope for the safety of yourself and your countrymen.

        I am totally not qualified to offer any advice, since I have not experienced what you have, but I still hope that you take good care of yourself. Sometimes, when there is nothing else one can do, a good way forward would be to do the best you can in your situation. Perhaps as a student, just do your best in your studies and when you have achieved your own goals in life, then maybe you will be able to help those around you or contribute to the building of your country. Don’t worry too much, ok? ^^

    • Cri J, we all understand your feeling….. dun be so sad ya! Stay healthy and safe
      I will pray for you and your country though I really ignorant what is really happening in Syria …sorry to say
      Hope everything is fine ….. everything is a good new day 🙂

      Wel eels and JKS will always be with you

      FIGHTING !!

    • Sahar and Cri J, Thank you for sharing your very sensitive and personal tragedies here –that only mean that you regard all of us as your friends. Friends will always support you, and hope that we can help brighten up your sad days a little.

      I might not experience the hardship or turmoil your countrymen experiencing like now, but I can sense you pain and sorrow. I don’t know anything about politic or wars. Ever day, I will send prayers to you, your family and to those who lost their loved ones to be strong, stay positive and pray peace will come to your country soon.

      Please remember that after raining days, you will see a rainbow – Life will be brighter and more beautiful.

    • Farina, thanks so much for sharing these upload by FeiKay.. I read from BaiduSukbar that these 3 parts are edited out from the TV program yesterday & many Chinese eels are disappointed with the TV station as these 3 parts are the most touching part of the show… but what I need to say to Chinese eels “don’t feel disappointed as these 3 parts are gifted from the TV production team to eels as FeiKay has put in in her comment” & after going through the 3 parts, I figure out why the production team has removed this part.. most probably the recording time has exceeded the original timeslot for the program as 3 eels take turns to sing because Sukkie also wants to give chance to other & him being a perfectionist (hee..typical blood type A) & professional artiste, the TV show is “I know my lyrics”.. definitely being a judge, he will go for the 3rd eel who can sing with the right lyrics & tune ^_^ from these 3 parts, I can feel that Sukkie is very very kind & considerate as he keeps asking only those eels who are very confident to sing the song to raise their hand to be picked by him as I think he don’t want them to feel embarrassed later but I guess many eels just too eager to sing with with Sukkie & almost all cried as many still can’t believe he is real & standing there on stage… I really love these 3 parts as the eels are so innocently cute & Sukkie is so charmingly tender to eels despite showing the professionism side of him.. really a touching scene..

      • another thing to add is I find these 3 parts are more like Sukkie’s fan meeting ^_^ but this show is actually a competition for actual contentants of those who can remember the lyrics & tune to continue the song when the more professional singers sing & pause at certain part of the song… so from view of editing team for this TV program, I would also took out this part as it may not be appropriate but I’m thankful this is a gift from the station despite not broadcast over China. One of the contestant on stage who sang “Still” actually mentioned she likes Sukkie very very much & the reason for her to learn Korean language is because of him. I never tried to sing “Still” or “Promise” myself but I realise now many of the songs that Sukkie sings really are not easy to master due to the change in pitch but I know “Can you hear me?” is difficult to sing & Sukkie sings so well…really amazing voice!

      • Hi QQ,
        Thanks for the background story of the vids, or else we wouldn’t have known. Yes the eels were so cute & determined even though that girl doesn’t know the lyrics, she has the guts to see it thru. And Sukkie is so kind to not make them feel bad. It’s so funny to see that he was actually quite scared when that girl refused to let him go from her arms lol!! I wouldnt too!!

  9. So cuteeee… Suk can i took your birthday cake hat….?? 🙂
    Im feel happy for you, my Beloved Prince keep like a sunray, always give illuminate without request back,shower a warmth and spread bright light…
    You’re not alone My Prince we EELS over the world always step behind to support you achieve your big dreams 🙂 🙂

  10. Dear Aphrael,
    I’ve been a silent follower of this blog for 6 months. There are no words to express how much I am grateful for finding you and all the other eels here. Your comments are exactly an interpretation to my feelings and thoughts though we are all from different parts of the world.
    Now I just want to reply to cri j from Syria. Bec. I am from Egypt and just few months ago old regime was got rid of. I don’t want to discuss politics . I just want to tell her that she’s not alone, I know the kind of fears she has for her country because we’ve been there ( although there are different circumstances in both countries). So Cri J just like Aphrael said , you have to go on with your life and work hard to achieve your goals in life. Believe me everything passes, just have faith and always pray for the best for your people.
    It is so touching that in that blog we can support each other in time of distress, I just hope, and I think Cri j will agree with me , that we would never discuss details of political or religious views here. Sorry but I am so fed up with politics, it just spoils the atmosphere.
    Alhough people are of different views and beliefs , this blog made me find out that they are also so similar in their feelings. Ordinary people just hope for peace, beauty and happiness for everyone. Here we all share the love of our one and only star. In this world there is much sadness and agony but I don’t know why when I just watch him a big smile would come to my face. I am a Geun addict and a Suk holic! Your blog gives me my daily dose of happiness and takes me away for a while from our distressed world. so please understand my worries.
    Sorry for this long reply, pls. feel free to delete any part. Or Apharael you can express my thoughts in your own words . Finally I pray for all people who are in distress , May God prevail peace on everyone. Salam.

    • Wow Sahar….well said! I would love to shake your hand someday…

      It is a wonder that something like religion which is close to our hearts and life can cause families & friends to be enemies but a total stranger like Sukkie can bring people whom we have never known or met bind us together…

      Singapore which is multi-racial, religion, language, colour is no different. I fear the day when this bubble ever burst. So far we have been able to blend well with each other and I hope I will never see the day that any form of misunderstanding, however minute, to ever break this bond amongst the society of Spore. It just needs a tiny crack and we will break into pieces….

      I would like to share this beautiful collection of Sukkie’s birthday celebrations thru the years, of which the credit belongs to the wonderful Vietnameels. I hope it will put a smile to all of you in times of sadness, special dedication goes to Cri-J & Sahar, with love from a fellow Muslim 🙂 Ramadan Kareem.

    • sahar, welcome on board. Dun worry. We are a family here, being eels in a same pond. No matter what differences happened in yr country, it won’t happen here as all of us are the same bcoz of one special person, our shinning star, Sukkie

      Wish u good health, be strong & safe

      • Gals …. I’m speechless T_T , you made me cry , but in a good way. Thanks so much for your kind words and support.
        I will do my best in everything to mend the cracks that happened between some of my fellow countrymen. I will always remember this day …. you have no idea how much you lift my spirit.

        thanks you … thank you ….. thank you.

        Sahar , I have so many friends in Egypt. I have been praying for you all in Egypt , Libya , Bahrain and Sudan. may Allah bless you all and all the wonderful people that here in this blog and all over the world.

        Farina, aphreal , carol70, QQeyes007 , sahar and all the amazing people here … it’s true that you made me cry , but I’m crying with a smile on my face ^____^

    • Hi girls, I just wanna say I love you all! 🙂

      I can’t find any good words or phrases to express what I’m feeling now, but I just can say that I feel really really happy and lucky to encounter this aphrael’s blog and share not only our love to JKS but that to you eels here. Whenever I read your comments, I find that there are full of love and sincerity.

      Before knowing aphrael’s blog, foreign countries used to be literally foreign to me. But now I have many good foreign friends to share our ideas and feelings (even if we’ve never seen each other yet). Since then the news happened abroad have become much closer to me. I mean because of you I’ve become more interested in other countries!

      Aphrael, this is a great thing, isn’t it? As I mentioned before, but now I mention again loudly that I’m 100% sure that your blog is the most international and heartwarming JKS fan blog!!!! I’m proud of being one of eels here! 🙂

      • tenshi, exactly my feelings! Because of knowing friends from countries as near (to me) as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and as far as USA and Middle East countries, suddenly we are not strangers anymore. What’s happening in other countries become more real to us. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts and life here!! Fighting!! 🙂

    • Sahar & Cri J, whenever you feel down & need encouragement …. do remember to log into this blog and have our SUPER POWER EELS support and JKS daily dose….okie

  11. To JKS…. Happy birthday!!! I’m just one among millions of fans to greet you today. But consider me also as one who prays for your goodness and many blessings to come. Specially peace in your heart. May you give yourself a gift of sometime to meditate…to analyze yourself..what you have done for today, what really makes you happy in real way as a person..And may you got answers by then. Take care always coz we care…

    To all fans whos contributing on this site thanks for your unstoppable effort for giving us informations of our sukkie. God bless everyone…

  12. I’m impressed that this column in the beginning to connect fans of Sukkie n to him n his company, has bcome a connection of love within fans ard the world! That’s the magic called – Love! :D. What done has been done. The survivors are nt forgotten but to keep on keeping the spirit of living. Life is too precious n dreams yet to fulfill! Choose life – live life meaningfully, n b happy! Stay positive! May God bless u all! And nt forgetting >> Happy Belated B-Day Guen Suk! Stay happy always! 🙂


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