23 thoughts on “[04.08.2011] Birthday pics with YMP staff”

    • TQVM cajuputte for engl sub vid! Adorable! hopefully that he will continue to be a sincere, good and polite guy to everybody, again HBJKS!!

  1. annyeong haseyo!
    jang geun suk ssi happy birthday i hope you are always be happy…….
    kang jae ne(janeth delloma)

  2. Sukkie is really kind & considerate.. he is quite strict in picking the eel fan who can sing well to get the prize as he is the judge so he feels that the girl didn’t sing quite well & he would like to give the chance to another eel fan to try to sing with him, but at the same time, he don’t want to disappoint the eel fan, he said “can I instead shake your hand?” & he gave her a surprise kiss on her hand instead ^_^ (I read about this incident in BaiduSukbar & many fans are envy of this girl as she got a better “prize” instead…LOL)

  3. Happy Birthday to dear Suk =))
    you’re so cute oppa…love u love u love u love u…
    omg,,oppa n Haneul are so adorable together..love them ^________^

  4. Hello Geun Suk,
    Happy 24th birthday my dear. Since you said the most thing you heard from a girl is “you’re so cute,” I’m not going to say you’re cute anymore.

    Oppa, you inspired me a lot. I’d trace up your steps to be a better person. Maybe not as an entertainer, but I’ll just do my best to achieve my dreams, just like oppa did.

    Be happy always, ok? It’s the greatest gift for everyone who loves you to see your smile. It’s charming and lovely. 🙂

    I wish I have a chance to meet you personally. You’ll always be in my heart. Love you always and forever.. <3

  5. He’s soo adorable! Lovin the bday hat and shades 🙂 I’m glad that he had fun celebrating his cake day despite his insane schedule.


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