68 thoughts on “[04.08.2011] Happy Birthday, Jang Keun Suk!”

  1. Happy Birthday Sukkie oppa…. wish you all the best for the years to come.

    From Bay Area California πŸ™‚
    We love you!!
    Thess & Baby Khloe πŸ™‚

  2. Great message, this is what I want to say! Love you Sukkie, Our prince, wish you all the best because you’re the best and be happy forever.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JKS! really wish he could get all our greetings! I wish him health and happiness! πŸ™‚ Hope we could all celebrate this day with you! Saranghaeyo. hugz

  4. Happy Birthday my prince Sukkie. Wish you the best of health, more success in your career and most all, be well loved by everyone. Love you forever…….

    I have question to any CRI-Eel out there who can answer me. I noticed from another Website, there are 2 birth days listed for our Sukkie, one on 26/09/87 and one today, 04/08/87? Which one is his real birthday?

    • actually Aug 04 is not his real birthday, because Aug 04 (some source said Aug 07) was from Lunar calendar, which changed on the Western Calendar each year. If you use the western calendar, his birthday when he was born was Sept 26. He use this day but follow western calendar, I guess he want to keep his actual birthday for his family, so this is like his official birthday for fans. And also I think in Korea, when you born you already be 1 year old, that’s why some source said his 25th, we here will say is 24th. No matter what, this is a special day that all the eels show their love and support to him. Aug 04 is a great day.

    • Thank you eiCyOj and sukkiefanNC for your reply. Hahhh……..the birthday thing is still all confusing to me…..too many b-days for our Sukkie. I guess I have to go along with everyone ……use 04/08/87.

  5. after all, I can also wait until midnight to say “happy birthday to you”.
    I wish you have all happiness in the world on your birthday.
    We always be your side and support you no matter what happens.

  6. happy birthday KeunSuk! we are happy when you are happy!
    guys he trended on twitter worldwide at the strike of midnight!

  7. Happy bday Sukkie πŸ˜€
    I wish all the best for you in your life! I hope that all of your dreams will come true, you really deserve it (:

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEUN SUK! Wishing you a healthy, happy life and may all your aspirations be achieved one by one! Love you absolutely – on screen, off screen, long hair, short hair, in suits, in jeans, as actor, as singer, as director, as scriptwriter and most of all as simply YOU!

    • Dear Stayingup Late,
      Hi! your greeting for Sukkie was the most beautifully worded one I’ve read among all. You were able to express exactly what I feel for him too! It feels good to find a kindred spirit.

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Sukkie!
    My only hope is your happiness. Your being happy makes me happy, too.
    I wish your birthday this year be much happier than ever.

    Wherever you are, and wherever I am either, I can feel you in my heart…

    Today is your day!!! πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your precious time till the last moment of today!!!

    Let’s party!!!! Shuffle more!!!!

  10. I’m new on twitter (just signed up). Can anyone teach me how to twit with hashtag? Would love to join eels for the #HBDJKS. Thanks.

  11. HAPPY3 BIRTHDAY To Most Precious, Divine Star KEUN SUK.
    Wishing You
    ……….Endless Success
    ……….Eternal Happiness & LOVE
    ……….Great Health To Enjoy All Wonderful Pleasures Of Life.
    Follow Your Heart, Do What You Love Most
    (Eating ice-cream?? shuffle on the street??)
    May Everyday Be Special, Brings You JOY Like Your VVI Day Today.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Keun Suk.. I love you so much ^^
    Take care your health, be happy, and make your dream come true.
    You’re the only Prince for us… forever !!!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk…!!!!

    No word can express how happy i am for you.Wishing you a very happy birthday.May God Bless you always.Bless your heart, soul and mind.May you always be bless with good health, fortune, love ,happiness and joy.Live your life to the fullest cause you. know that on this day..it marks your wonderful growth as a person.May the world bless you with all the pure joy and happiness that it has to offer.Nevertheless, keep on going to give your best in your future.We love you…

    From Malaysia

  14. happy birthday sukkie!
    in my heart, you’ve already prince of asia & king of the world…
    hope all your dreams come true!

    • >β€œGlad that you have come to this world….”
      >follow by my own wordings –> β€œand bring joy, inspiration & warm many hearts.. >today is your turn to get all good blessing in return..”
      So sweet and heartfelt wordings including yours!!!!
      I should have used them in the birthday card to him… πŸ™‚

      Again, “Happy Birthday our darling, Sukkie ” ^^

    May all your wishes come true
    We eels promised will support you till the end
    We are always there for you !!

    And May God give you good health and follow you full of many blessings …

  17. Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk!
    Wish you all your dreams come true, and luck and success will be with you always.
    You are an incredibly talented and attractive artist and amazing person.
    You deserve an unconditional love.
    No doubts, we will support you always, no matter what.
    With love from San Diego.

  18. Happy birthday JGS!!!! I wish you all the best in your personal life, in your career and be always healthy! I love you, my super actor! You deserve all billion dollars for your work!

  19. Happy birthday Keun-Suk!

    Wishing the best, ’cause you really are the best ^_^!
    ..And constant health and inner happiness!

    So proud that we are following a star like you. ^_^

  20. Happy BirthDay my lovely Prince -J ^_^ since knowing a brighten star like you, my life is full of happiness and smiles and laughs and exciting and amusing and many many good things. Love you very much πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. Happy birthday to you our dear JGS! Thank you for coming into my life. You filled my heart with happiness and i’ve been blessed to have known a person such as you. I wish for the fullfilment of your desires which will give you happiness in your life. Thank you very much. And i’ll never stop as i’ve said.

  22. ν”„λ¦°μŠ€ μƒμΌμΆ•ν•˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€^^ μ„œμšΈν¬λ¦¬μ‡Όμ™€ μ˜ν™” λ„ˆλŠ”νŽ«λ„ ν™”μ΄νŒ…μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€!!!

  23. Keun Suk dear happy birthday to you.. wish you all happiness in life and more success in your career.. we’ll always be here to support you no matter what happened because you are such a special person to deserve our loyalty.. love you and take care always.. Godbless!! πŸ™‚

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jang Keun Suk!!!! You’re one of the best korean actor I’ve known. And there are only two in my list πŸ˜‰ Very talented, very handsome, very cute, have a great voice. God Bless You!

  25. Geun Suk,
    Happy sweet 24. We love you forever.
    Be happy for the sake of all of us. We want to see you happy always.
    Wish you have the best birthday ever.
    Hope your dream will come true. I’ll give you my full support. You taught me a lot of things..

    It’s a pleasure to have known you. You’re the one who open up my mind and heart. Thank you..

    Love you..

  26. Dear JGS !
    Happy birthday … !!! Wish your all dreams come true , I wish you all the best .
    may be you will not read our congratulating , but I always keep your smile & voice & the way you look & finally your love in my heart forever !!! you learnt me how can I love , with my simple words I tell you : I LOVE YOU JANG GEUN SUK … !!!

  27. HPBD suk oppa! chux suk oppa lun dep traj, khoe manh, thanh cog trong cong viec va cuoc song, ca nhac va djen anh nua~! iu suk oppa


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