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19 July, 11.45 pm

Update 1
Almost committed the heinous sin of not introducing my team members for this project.
They are: Carol70, crazyoverjks, daydreaming and myself.

Update 2
Please refer to the section (IV) (2) below, where some explanatory guidelines have been added.

Update 3
For easy access to this post and project updates, please refer to the new page “Project” that is under the blog banner.



This is the first gift project that JangKeunSuk Forever Blog is undertaking. It’s not going to be a birthday present or Christmas present, but once we have completed the project, we will hand-deliver it to Tree-J in October 2011.

Many fans have been giving JKS lots of gifts, videos, scrapbooks and lots, lots more. As much as we are and want to shower JKS with gifts, really, the most important thing is not the gift itself, but that it is an expression of our love and support. As many have said on this blog and elsewhere, JKS is a multi-talented person but more than that, we support him because of his wonderful, fun and loving personality.

So, no matter which corner of the earth you’re from, so long as you are a JKS fan, all we need is perhaps just 5 to 10 minutes of your time to participate in this international project. Let us show to JKS how international he already is!

(II) OBJECTIVES of project:

One – To show JKS his international appeal by featuring fans from as many different countries as possible.

Two – To convey to JKS our message of unwavering loyal support

(III) WHAT are we giving to him?
– A present which we will reveal after it has been given to him

– An A4, full-colour Photo Booklet
(that will be printed by a printing company)

The booklet will contain photos of JKS and messages from eels grouped by country, so the more countries we have, the better! ^^
The pic above is a draft design.

If there are several fans from a particular country, we’re also considering allocating another page to put a combined (overall) message from that country. The overall mesage will be translated into Korean.


1. Tentative Title of Booklet

” Jang Keun Suk – The World’s Brightest Star ”

– Note: We welcome suggestions for the title.

2. Please email these information / pics to jksforeverproject@hotmail.com

Please use English (my PC software can support Korean characters but not Japanese).

Blog ID: [the ID / username you use on this blog. For example, mine is Aphrael77]

Real Name:

Personal profile picture:
[any pic in .jpg or .bmp – whether it’s your own photo, JKS photo, ur pet photo, cartoon, whatever.
If your Personal Profile pic happens to be the same pic that another participant has selected, we will still accept because it is your choice.]

My signature:
[Please use black marker pen to sign on white paper, scan and email to us. Or use mobile phone to take pic of that paper/signature, and email to us]

Personal message to JKS:
[A message to show your support in 2 to 3 sentences. You can use the title as a guideline of what to write]

My country:

Brief introduction of my country:
[in 2 to 3 sentences. This will be translated into Korean. Purpose of this is to let JKS know a bit more about the country his fans are from. If I receive a lot of information on this, I’ll edit accordingly.]

Other photos:
[ Optional. If you have other photos of JKS, be it your favourite photo or photos taken at events which he may not have seen before, you can email to us. The pics you submit here will be placed on a page next to your country page. Subsequent participants who submit duplicate photos will be informed if they need to re-select other photos. Please note this is different from your Personal Profile Pic.]
* All JKS photos must be in high resolution.

I want to pay for a copy of this booklet: YES / NO [Please read below. ]

If you know Photoshop and would like to participate in design, please let us know ^^

3. Deadline for your submission: 15 August 2011

All design, formatting and project details mentioned above are still in the planning and drafting stage, so things may change a bit as we go along. Please feel free to comment here and give us your ideas or suggestions.


Besides the copy that we’ll be giving to JKS, all participants in this project have the option to get a copy of our end product as a keep-sake.

You do need to pay for
– cost price of the booklet (we do not make any profit from this)
– PayPal admin/transfer fee
– mail delivery charges

Depending on the number of pages, the cost price of the booklet may be around 30 to 60 Malaysia ringgit (printing done in Malaysia).
If you indicate “Yes, I want to pay for the booklet”, payment details will be made known to you when the project is nearing completion.

Participants will also get via email (at no charge) a soft copy of the cover page and that one page your message appears on, so you know what it looks like ^^

Looking forward to your support and participation for this project!

84 thoughts on “[Project] Gift”

  1. Hey Aphrael! I’m finally back and frantically trying to catch up on all your posts/videos since I’m not working for now (you know why :)) Just saw this post and I think it’s a wonderful idea! Count me in! It’s so nice of you to coordinate something like that. And if you think you need more people to go to tree-j to hand deliver this, I’m in too!

    But I’m sorry I’m not good with photoshop. If you need help with managing the entries, just let me know. I’ve got free time these couple of months! heh heh πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Aphrael – Even I’m not an IT expert, will always support you and the rest
    for all your hard work.
    Sukkie must be very lucky to have all of you as his eels.
    For sure will join in the project and hopefully it will be a great success.

  3. Wooooooow,,Great!!! I’m looking forward to participate in this project:)
    Actually,earlier i was very sad that i couldn’t show JKS my supporting, but now i’m grateful to you for your project:))) thanks a lot…
    But a question: i don’t have any blog,,so what should i do?? Must i give a blog ID ?

  4. Hi aphrael, im in on this project! πŸ™‚ i’ll submit the requirements needed before the deadline..i hope this will be a great success! Go eels! I’ll keep on supporting jks! πŸ™‚

  5. Interesting! How will you be handling the “Project” by hand (ie face to face, personally) to him in October?

      • How nice.. Carol will be there on October…How I wish I can join her, bt im scheduled on January,..

        aphrael77, i’ll send my requirements later,.. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Aphrael
    I’d like me to participate in this project but i read that i need to be part of this blog, can u please accept me in this.
    My name is Isabel
    I am from Peru in Latin America
    and I’d like to have my nick : Hysiz

  7. Cri – means “Critical” JKS defines himself as critical which is gorgeous, intelligent.. and the same thing with his eels..

    Eels – that is US, his fans.. ^_^

  8. this sounds like a great project!^^ i would really like to join and show how much we love jgs. um but i was wondering what the signature was for though?

    • The signature is kind of like a pledge to sign off our support.
      Also as proof of identity, and seems more sincere if we have our signatures there, so he can see it’s from different people and not just the case of 1 person typing fake, multiple messages!

      in case some anti-fans say that we’re forging the numbers of fans’ messages! haha~

  9. I m in although its gonna take me awhile to send the info to you as i m very busy at the moment! Aphrael what a wonderful idea πŸ™‚ mayb I should also drop by TreeJ when I m in Korea in Nov πŸ˜€

  10. This is a very good idea. I will send your things be deadline, hopefully I can do a good job on the picture and words. πŸ™‚

  11. CRI- means “critical” that word usually used by JKS to greet his fans(only JKS knows the meaning of this..lol..during FM the emcee usually asked him the meaning of it and what i remember is he answered “cri means critical because i’m critical” )..
    JKS calls his fans as “EELS”..

  12. awesome! definitely i will join too!
    just wait mine!

    btw, aphrael, what is the size of the template ( width x height in pixel) ? let me know ok!

    • Which template?
      Just need to submit the information required, your personal profile pic (normal size/resolution should be fine), and pic of your signature on white paper ….

      • ooh ic……
        just information above required… okok. (i thought we’re going to design the card by ourselves, my mistake not read carefully), haha.
        ok, noted.

  13. count me in! but I will take time till I’ll be able to send you my info dear aphreal!
    because I’m still doing exams T_T

    • Hi ione,

      Thanks for participating in our Project ‘Gift’, yes we have received your email on your profile info and will reply you an acknowledgement email.
      Thanks & do follow back here for more updates on this project k. πŸ™‚

  14. this is so exciting, thank you so much for organizing this, but i was just wondering if you are making a book, wouldnt using adobe indesign be better?

  15. Ask me to vote for the posts. please!!!

    Voting for JGS,Marry Me,Mary, Please My Bus !! Tutorial here: http://sukkieholic.tumblr.com/post/8038295608?ref=nfhttp://fb.me/MIff4OnU

    Please!!! Out of 500 people. Vote!!!! Only for 500 vote

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    The participation of many eels in the Jang Keun Suk want to see the ceremony. ^ ^

    once a day vote site
    one more , too
    please!!! vote!!! vote!!! vote!!!
    see the Our power!!!


    i’m sorry

  16. aphrael77, can I suggest we have the agreement with all those eels involved in the project (already having the email address) to vote together for Sukkie? actually 500 votes is easy if all votes together, I know voting teams are being formed now in BaiduSukbar & I think if we can form one with the international blog, that will consolidate the effort, those who cannot vote due to some reason or not can pass the email address to those who can spare the time to vote, some will in charge of collecting the name, email & phone & pass to those who can vote.. what do u think?

    • did they count based on the IP address?
      if yes, collecting the name, email & phone/passwd to those who can vote it would be useless.

    • hi, am sorry i have to disappoint. with me being literally buried by work, i won’t have the time to coordinate any voting. am sure that those of us who can are already voting …

      • QQeyes007, are you referring to the FB vote?
        I have encountered problem in creating new FB accounts this afternnon. FB put “You are ineligible to register for Facebook”.

  17. Just wanna share w u a vid of a group of eels bday project for suk. Cool….! Proud of all eels’ efforts πŸ™‚

    Btw, theres another project planned for tweeters; 30 mins b4 Suk’s bday(Korean time), eels worldwide wld trend #HBDJKS plus yr msg. Do join in as a bday gift to him in real time πŸ™‚ Fighting Cri!

  18. omg,i made a huge mistake..i thought i submitted my info already to your email but it turned out i sent it to a wrong email..uurrghhh…im so stupid,..

    aphrael77, i’ll send it to you later once im feeling well…thanks!


  19. hi…ooh…u guys are from iran…just like me!so..it doesnt have any prob..?we are from same country…so we ganna talk about same country in the project!also i dont know how to pay!i should exchange my money to ring?but now i cant…so what should i dooo?!
    also i made a pic and wrote my id…name..message…my country…and talked about my country too on it..now i should send it to u aphrael77…. right?

  20. Hi! I’m Alyssa. I’m from the Philippines, and I wanted to ask if my friends and I could still join/help in this? I also do a bit of photoshop.. So, if we could still join, I would gladly help. πŸ˜€ Thanks!

  21. yay! ive seen videos where people give him books with pics of fans and its a great idea to show him how he has many fans from many countries! Hopefully it will encourage him to visit a wider variety of places(like the u.s.a^^)… can i still join?

  22. who doesn’t love JGS~sukkie?
    -good singer
    -good actor
    -so many other things^^
    so its a great idea to show him how he has internationally gained so many fans!..count me in!

  23. my sister is trying to join the blog and create a blog id but for some reason it won’t let her post any comments what do we do? can she just send her info if she wants to join the project without a blog id?

    • Hi mari, your sister is commenting here for the 1st time right?
      If yes, i think it is bcos Aphrael needs to approve first-time commenter.
      That’s why your sister’s comment is not published yet. πŸ™‚

      But not to worry, you & your sister can still go ahead and send in your info to jksforeverproject@hotmail.com
      As for the blog id, once Aphrael has approved it, i will add it for you. πŸ™‚

      Hope to hear from you soon.

    • hi mari, yes she can just send her info even without her blog ID.

      that’s strange. I thought in order to comment on the blog, you just have to fill in a ID of your choice and your email?

  24. Hi. About my submission, I submitted on time but I think on the other e-mail.. Because Ivy sent me a message about the project details, and I replied there with the requirements instead of at jksforeverproject@hotmail.com πŸ™ it was only now that I noticed.. Will my submission still be counted? I sent two designs there too..

  25. can i still email my details for this project? i’m a newbie here, so i just read all about this project for Mr. Jang Keun Suk… can i still participate in this project? thanks… πŸ™‚


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