[18.07.2011] Tree-J twitter

Tree-J twitter:

Eels, are you happy watching smap smap? JKS is looking forward to dancing shuffle in Seoul~~~ as a gift to you all, this is a pic of JKS backstage preparing to attend smap smap

张根硕贴吧官方微博:【TREE-J推特更新】(翻译:囧)鳗鱼们,samp samp 看的欢乐吗?jks一边期待着在首尔跳shuffle~~~出演samp samp的时候,在后台准备的jks的样子做为礼物给你们

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  1. he’s beautifull.. I already watch this program, I don’t understand any single word but I keep laughing , I thhink I’m crazy hehehe.. Tenshi… tenshi where are you ??? ^^

    • I’m coming! ^^

      Most of you here have already watched the program? The program was about 40 minutes long, so I’m afraid it’ll take a long time to subtitle… I don’t which is faster my translation completes or others release the eng-sub version. This morning another JKS’ exclusive interview was broadcast though I haven’t watched it yet. So I have a lot to share with you. But unfortunately I’m busy working on daytime and my translation speed is not so fast as others’. But I’ll try to. So please wait for a while. 🙂

      • tenshi dear,

        Shall we share the work again?
        If you have the video links, you can let me know which parts you are subtitling (first half or second half), then I can do the other part? ^^ I’ll have to wait for the Chinese subs though …

  2. Wow… no matter which angles we look at him, he’s so cute and lovely, especially when he smiles. Love your SMILE sukkie.

  3. Saw the program. I was able to understand about 50-75% of what they’re saying. My Japanese is quite rusty since I haven’t used it in a long time. Hopefully eng subs come out soon! ^^

  4. Really enjoy the Smap Smap show with Sukkie. It was really fun, even lots of words I don’t understand. One thing I’m a bit concern. I have seen Sukkie done that in the variety show in Taiwan too, they have like food tasting too. He seems really don’t care to eat pretty hot (warm hot) and spicy hot stuff, which I don’t think is good. Well, he seems really enjoy it. I hope he won’t get burnt. I can imagine he met with Smap, they are the Senbeis to him. I love Smap before, the time goes by, still see Takuya san’s face shows time flies. Good to see them. They’re really funny. Sukkie’s mom must be a super cook, and he is such a sweet kid always remember mom’s cook. In his Hawaii special, he said that he was left home for independence at age 22 but then feel so lonely and got back home with parents again after 3 months. I admire he has such good relationship with his parents.

  5. i tried to watch the smap programme and i only understand like 50% of it…( guess my japanese is getting rusty already!!) will have to wait for english subbed then…btw..love him just the way he is….cute as always…kya!!!!

  6. The Smap Smap show is really entertaining….especially on the part when JKS was tasting the food, Shingo dressed up as JKS in Let Me Cry…it made me almost fell off from my chair…..JKS is really good in making the show more funny and entertaining…..

  7. Can anyone kindly provide a link to watch the Jang Keun Suk and SMAP programme just aired? Thank you very much!


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