[15.07.11] Tree-J twitter

Tree-J twitter:

JKS has been filming YMP together with eels this morning, because it’s a happy day with eels, so his mood is very good ^^ Please let me see the power of eels!! Fighting!

张根硕全球中文网:Tree-j公司twitter更新:从早上开始和鳗鱼们一起拍摄的张根硕,因为是与鳗鱼同乐的一天,所以心情很好啊^ ^请给我看鳗鱼的力量!!加油!韩文部分翻译无责任乱翻猫,日文部分halo

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    • Thanks tenshi-chan for the video.
      OMG……. one lady almost faints on stage. I noticed on many occasions that Sukkie has the affect (magic) to make fans become speechless or faint or froze eels when come in direct contact with him.


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