[14.07.11] Tree-J twitter

Tree-J twitter:
JKS is now practising dance for “You’re my Pet”! The lower end of his shirt is missing!!!!! Tomorrow is the filming of the performance scene, cheers for those who come from Japan!


@nekomusume:TreeJ company official twitter 너는펫 안무 연습중인 장근석 군! 여러분 근석군의 하의가 실종되었어요!! 내일부터 시작될 영화 너는펫 공연씬 촬영 일본에서 오신 장어분들도 화이팅입니다!

19 thoughts on “[14.07.11] Tree-J twitter”

  1. … er, this action is a bit funny 🙂 haha~

    and he looks a bit bony from the back ….
    really looking forward to YMP ….

  2. OMG!!! Hahahahaaa!!!! Sorry gals, but i really cannot stop laughing when i see this pic! 😀
    The one in blue on the left is JKS??!!! Hehehe!!!

  3. Did Keun Suk posts all these (and past) pictures on Tree-J Twitter himself? If so, love a person who can take a good laugh at himself. One doesn’t have to look handsome, suave, cool and perfect all the time. It’s important to view life in perspective and always keep our feet firmly planted on the ground!

      • Sorry, I am still quite lost on this because I don’t use twitter. So can anyone just plainly tell me if Keun Suk put up all these pictures himself or it’s only so if he states that it is him? Thanks.

      • A lot of pics are taken and posted by the managers (esp when JKS is in the pic himself). So it’s only by JKS when he signs off with his name

      • If the pictures are posted by his manager, then can we presume that Keun Suk would have seen them beforehand and allowed them in good nature/fun?

      • i would assume that JKS would have seen most of the pics before they get posted.
        but sometimes because of the high level of trust between JKS and his manager, maybe manager Kim can post pics without JKS’ advance approval.
        we’ll probably never know until we ask them! does that matter?

        anyway, Tree-J will never post anything detrimental to JKS’ interest.

  4. he looks awkward! remembering his tecktonik dance yikes! hahahaha but i love him anyway….
    i support you whatever you wanna do Sukkie..

  5. (@_@) Sukkie looks like a wrestler without pants. He reveals his underwear today is black!!! Lol!

    Anyway, I like his sense of humor and the idea he laughs off his bad luck sharing the funny pic with us eels! 🙂 🙂

    • Jksjapan mistook the translation, so I mistook the situation that he had forgotten to bring his pants, but it was a quite wrong understanding…. – _-;

      It’s mentioned about JKS’ fashion. As you know, he sometimes wear a longer shirt. So the pic says that his shirt is too long that we can’t see his pants(lower body). Am I the only one mistook the situation?! 🙁

      • Kaori-chan, I always find Sukkie’s fashion unique as he wears clothing he feels comfortable & don’t care of how others see him.. actually, he looks when he is most natural but he don’t know the effect on his eels as many find him very sexy actually! ^_^

  6. everyone has their unique manner.. :)the one of my reson why i love,adore him he just the way he is,not always seen as handsome guy… i think he wearing lengthy pant just he folded 🙂 🙂


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