Jplus Romance Limited – Korean version and BTS DVD with English/Chinese subs

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The Jplus Romance Limited (Korean) version will be released on 31 August 2011, and retails on this website at 11,980 yen (additional delivery charges may apply). The behind-the-scenes DVD comes with English and Chinese subtitles.

(Some DVD players may support the playing of Region 2/3 DVD. Please check with your local retailer/technician.

Anyway, if your DVD player cannot play it, you can watch it on your PC with VLC Media Player without changing the region code of your PC).

5 thoughts on “Jplus Romance Limited – Korean version and BTS DVD with English/Chinese subs”

  1. Well, when I did a mass order for the Jplus, it was already stated that we have no visibility into whether the Jplus will have an English-subtitled version (in this case for the BTS DVD), so now the Korean version is out… I won’t be buying it again…

    Will wait for news of that 45-min JKS movie filmed in Europe, and this time will definitely wait for the English version!

    • Aphrael any idea the wordings in the photobk will be the same as Japanese version …..coz Japanese version has some English on each chapter

    • AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! How can they do this to us?! Why were they so unwilling to let us know earlier that there would be an international version with English and Mandarin subtitles? The BTS is quite long and it would have been interesting to understand what Keun Suk said. Is there any way we could perhaps buy just the BTS DVD or they should package it with different pictures or the other two version (ie postcard or photobook, Jplus favourites or whatever that they call them)?

  2. ws posted the link below. It has an English explanation.

    I was a little shocked to know the fact that Korean version has English subtitles and an extra photo book (so it costs a little higher than Japanese one) because I’ve never got any information about it beforehand. I understand the staff (Tree-J and Japanese JKS agent) are all too busy and the situation around JKS is very changeable, but I believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement on the way to announce his news. So I’m gonna request the improvement to Frau.

    • Hi, is it posible that they combine the “JPlus photograph collection limited” (with the DVD) and the “JPlus photograph collection” into one item ?, because even with the English sub, it can’t be that much more expensive ( almost double).


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