[06.07.11] YMP Seoul press conference

“You’re my Pet” (YMP) press conference was held in Seoul on 6 July 2011 at 5.00 pm, and filming venue was open to the media. The scene that was filmed was the first meeting of the male and female leads on a rainy day. The female lead discovered a big box on her doorstep and gave it a kick. Looking as pitiful as a soaked kitten, JKS stood up and hugged the female lead.

Touted in Japan as the 2nd most popular Hallyu star after Bae Yong-joon, Momo-suk says, “It is unexpected to have gained the love of so many people; it makes me anxious and surprised. The happiest thing is, the Japanese side has high expectations of YMP. Although I have other activities in Japan, my main job is an actor, and I’m satisfied as a Korean that the Japanese side has high hopes of this Korean production.”

At the press conference, JKS reveals that “in the movie, Lee Eun-ho’s (rough translation) character is very playful, free and cheerful, which is very similar to me in reality. In comparison to pain and negative influences from one’s past, every day is an interesting day. It is a character that can make people smile in bliss. If the characters in “You are Beautiful” and “Marry me Mary” are tough and demanding, then the character this time is more impulsive. There are lots of solo scenes even alone by himself at home. Other scenes include Kim Ha-neul giving me a bath, and one of both of us lying together on the bed in bliss. I have a naked scene in the movie!”

JKS added, “Every morning, I would remind myself that Ha-neul is my owner. From the perspective of a dog owner, I also think about what I want to do in order to gain my master’s love.

As for his comment on the female lead, JKS said, “Sister Ha-neul is the legend of romance movies.”

According to sources, since the start of filming on 16 May 2011, 50% of YMP filming has already been completed, in particular, the scenes of the two leads living together at Kim Ha-neul’s home which were mostly filmed in the studio, with 2 weeks spent in Jeon-ju. The movie will be broadcast in the second half of 2011.
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张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC]11.07.06今天拍摄的场景是【男女主角的相遇】下雨天,女主角下班归来,在家门前发现了一个大箱子,无心用脚踢了踢.接着被雨淋湿的像可怜的小猫一样的MOMO露出箱子,并起身抱住了女主角

张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC]11.07.06MOMO在记者会上透露,”剧中仁浩角色很淘气,自由奔放和开朗的性格和实际的自己很像.比起痛苦和阴影,每一天都过的很有趣,是一个能让人展开幸福微笑的角色,要说在”美男”和”玛丽”里饰演的是难搞的角色,那么这次则算是比较横冲直撞.在家里还有很多独角戏。”
张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC]11.07.06有关人士称,”从5月16号开始投拍之后,现已完成了大概50%的拍摄.之前拍摄的是在金荷娜家里俩人一起生活的场景,大部分都是在摄影棚拍的,并且还在全州逗留了两周左右拍戏.电影将在下半年上映.”


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    • Park Shin Hye wore the same shoes in one of her tv guesting in taiwan. Love the shoes and surprised to see Ha neul with the same shoes. Do they have the same sponsor, nothin’ just wonderin’. Anyhow i think this is a cute movie.Hope for the success of this one.

  1. If I found such a cute guy in the box, I would absolutely pick him up!!!!! So I have to prepare some boxes to set up in front of my house as soon as possible. I don’t know how many boxes are enough… 🙂 Lol!

  2. What???? naked scene *-* ha ha…. just watch him with clothes all of eel will going to crazy, now naked ???? OMO… you want we die Keun suk-ah ^^

  3. omg….. seriously, i also had high expectation on this movie…
    just imagining he has a lot of solo scene, already made me drooling…
    moreover he has to do some entertainment to attract his owner….. *daydreaming….

  4. pic 5 below..i love it..ahhhh suk u look so hot with wet hair… totaly sexy…btw i once watched KWP japan drama & i consider there was a little different 4 they 1st meet.. suk more clean while jun matshumoto was in a mess with scarred face, but i never finish watch t drama after i knew that suk will act..cos i”m more interested w/ suk… :))

  5. Keun Suk really knows how to entice the viewers. Just listening to his descriptions of what the character will be like (carefree and adorable) and doing (things to please the owner, entertaining himself whilst home alone and NAKED scenes etc) is enough to make ALL his fans and more (probably hitting the millions in total by now) to watch the movie! Just look at Ha-neul in all of the conference pictures – she look so tickled, happy and totally pleased with herself (for getting and enjoying the role so tremendously) in every single one of them! I think Keun Suk is going do his level best to persuade everyone that HE is going to be one PET every woman wants to own. And he will succeed phenomenally!


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