8 thoughts on “JPlus Romance Photograph Collection CF”

  1. Dear Aphrael, can you please direct me to the website where I can purchase the J-Plus photo book with DVD? English version preferably, but Japanese is OK too. I remember you have posted info. on it before but I cannot find it… I really want to own one Photobook now that I see all the beautiful photos and sceneries. I do not live in Asia, therefore, I hope the website can ship to countries outside of Asia. Thank you very much for helping !!

  2. Thank you so much for all your information. I am glad that Amazon can ship to Europe (as I live in Italy). I have ordered a copy. Continue to support for our Prince!! Thank you again!!

    • Waoh…this seems really a beautiful book.
      And thanks for all the informations!!

      Iceprincess, i’m from Italy too, and i was thinking about buying this book…can you tell me how much did you pay for the spedition fees?
      Se preferisci posso lasciarti un contatto diverso, come quello di fb o altro XD


      ps. i am really sorry, i noticed just now that i could use a ‘reply’ button…you can erase my previous comment! again, i’m sorry!


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