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      • Hey, girls.
        I read this news at the notice of his Japan official website.

        The fan club staff commented that they had nothing to do with it and also they believed that it had no basis in fact. So they were demanding the disclosure of the detail information of the reported comment now.

        I’m sure this was completely nonsense!!! Because it is no necessary to employ fake fans. It’ true that there were so many eels lined up and waiting for a looooong time not only at the airport but at the photo exhibition where he wouldn’t come up though.

        During his stay in Japan, he became the lead story of many news program. So it might be true that some Japanese who haven’t known him until then would think why so many Japanese women and Japanese media was crazy about him.
        In Japan, not only JKS but other Korean stars are so popular now. I think the reason of it was quite different between JKS’ and others’. But it’s true that some Japanese don’t welcome the situation (because they believe Japanese should love Japanese stars more and don’t want to believe this craze is true). So it is an extreme case, but they believe that these craze for Korean stars was fake created by Japanese media received bribes from Korean entertainment agents… So it might be possible that someone set up the fact to make it fit his theory….

        Anyway, we all know that JKS is becoming more popular throughout the world. But some envy his popularity. We must support and believe him no matter what is reported.

    • … … I only choose to believe in JKS, and not any negative news about him, unless people can prove with concrete evidence of the phony fans. I read somewhere on those links that Tree-J is investigating the matter?

      Even if this is proven, so what?
      Is this JKS’ fault? It’s a pity that he has to suffer negative impact to his reputation because of actions done by other people.

      Anyway, I don’t believe that JKS would do such a thing.
      He didn’t “pay” phony fans in all the countries he’s visited so far, the fan turn-out at Singapore airport was maybe around 100 and a bit more (I was doing some rough counting). Well, this may not look good, but did he pay phony fans?

      Look at the massive fan turn-out at Bangkok airport.
      Now people are going to say JKS or Tree-J “pay” thousands of fans?
      well, I imagine that JKS / Tree-J must be super rich to pay thousands of fans in all these countries, HUH!!

      So phony fans are believed to be paid to be at the airport, to make it appear that JKS is more popular than he is? …. come on …..

      He has not done so in so many of his previous visits to Japan, so why would he do it now? Just because he “may want” to keep up his image? When JKS is someone who does not really care about how others look at him, when JKS is someone who will persevere in doing things he believes in?

      1,500 fans were there to see his photo-book exhibition on the day it opened. These 1,500 fans had to pay to enter the exhibition and were only allowed 25 minutes’ limit to view the exhibition. So now these rumour-mongers might as well add that “someone” has paid these fans to pay to enter the exhibition, just to make JKS seem more popular?

      One even “claims” that album sales are false. HUH!
      in that case, every single artiste and album on the Oricon chart cannot be believed. I believe Oricon might as well sue the people who make these claims.

      Why should I believe in people who make these claims?
      I’d rather believe in the JKS I know ….

      • Well said!!! Totally agreed as we choose to believe in Sukkie whom we know all the while, stand by him forever!!! ^_^

      • Very well said!!! I totally agree!!! For Sukkie, we always here to support and love you through thick and thin!!! Fighting!!!

    • Just want to add that someone made a good rebuttal on those links, saying that tens of thousands of JKS’ FM tickets had sold out so fast in Japan. This is already solid evidence of genuine fan support.

      • sorry for the early morning bad news guys 🙁 i really feel terrible.. its weird how im affected by this .. so upset.

    • I don´t believe it.It´s not true.He doesn´t need fake fans.But I know that his popularity can get surprised some people,but we can take the responsability of make the world to know him and don´t even listen lies like that.Because pay attention to these things is what makes them bigger and that is what those who doesn´t appreciate JGS want.And in other hand,I know that if this is true,then those fake fans went home that day doubly happy and went to the music store to buy his single…haha,now our prince has more fans >:D ♥

    • Haven’t managed to download it … I’ll be delayed with my response.
      Apologies for that because I’m working part-time during weekends too and have a packed day ahead T.T

      • ok aphrael , so If u don’t mind could u just like our pages and tell me ur name on facebook to be able to send you the magazine ??

  1. This may be the work of anti Korean artiste as I read in baidusukar, some entertainment companies in japan feel unsecured with the increasing competition from Korean artiste and there are minority of anti feeling..Kaori-chan, u may be aware right? Really hope to hear your point on this..

    • QQeyes007, I commented above.
      I’m so sorry that it happened in Japan… some envy his popularity and try to lose it… How shameful they are!

      • Kaori-chan, don’t worry too & please don’t say sorry.. it has nothing to do with you or general public in Japan… we are cool-aheaded to know these are work of antis, it will make eel fans more united actually as we know all these are not true ^_^

  2. If the article were true (I mean there were less eels in Japan), it would be much easier to get his tickets… Just kidding!!!!
    Unfortunately it’s true that getting tickets will be more difficult after his stay in Japan. I’m sure more and more eels are born every moment!! Lol!

  3. i feel much better reading this Kaori-chan.. coming from you which is physically in Japan would know better than all of us.. thanks again… i hope Sukkie is ok.. i feel his pain..

  4. I don’t care about how other Korean’s artiste get their popularity. What I know is, JKS get his popularity because of his long time hardwork and his sincere to his fans. He is the only one artiste who always to be true and doesn’t care about what others think about him, so how come someone with these manner would think to make fake popularity? And also, I’m sure this news won’t affect anything to him.

  5. I am very angry now.Hate it more than anything in life is to talk about others like this way.omg…They should be ashamed of themselves.JKS does not need proof of his success and fame,do not worry SUKII, we support you.From anywhere in the world we”eels” are with you.Leave it to us suk and we will revenge from any person who hurt you………………Enemies you will get it……………We just look at you SUKIII, only you….Do not want to see you sad,be happy and optimistic…………. fighting xoxoxoxoxo

  6. This negative publicity about JKS breaks my heart to pieces. I feel bad for Sukkie. Since Sukkie is very sensitive person, he must feel terrible about this news. I also feel bad for those royal fans that waited hours and hours to see him at the Airport be categorized as “paid” to see him. I absolutely refuse to believe that JKS and his staff would do dishonorable things like that. No matter how I read about this fishy news, it doesn’t sense why he would pay his fans to see him. My gosh….JKS probably has more Fans in Japan than any other countries.

    I only believe in JKS and my own judgment. Please be strong and “DON’T GIVE UP SUKKIE”. I will support and love you FOREVER. Fighting…..Fighting……

    PS. I don’t understand why there are so many Sukkie’s HATERs in this world.

    • Kailey,
      Why do you say that.omg….That made ​​me angry, more.Ohoh,Those bad people were injured fan too..Do not say that Kailey,suk is good man and everyone knows him well ,loved him and respected him so much.SO do not pay attention to others bad people say…And you have to be strong to face them..OKAY GIRL..Smile .

      • Dear meho, I’m sorry if what’s I said up-set you more….(I stumbled upon so many negative comments on Our Sukkie on other sites. If you do come upon them, please don’t drill on those negative comments so much, just ignore them). My above question is just a wondering phrase……What did Sukkie do to them to attack him that way? Sukkie is so sweet, gentle and always treats his Fans ( or even non-fans) well.

        I do realize that in the entertainment world, there will someone who would like and dislike your works. Some criticism about his works consider healthy things so Sukkie can grow and improve more. However, personal attack is unnecessary and uncalled for. Sukkie would always have million fans who truly love him.

        PS. Like the old said, “LOVE will always prevail over hate.”

      • It’s okay my dear Kailey,I only say that because I felt you very painfully.But everything is fine now and forget everything.We must now show our love and support for suk ,This is the best revenge…….

    • Kailey, I don’t understand that too, he’s such a good person!

      And yes, this is very unfair to those true fans who waited so long to see him

    • In my opinion, I think maybe the anti-fans attacked JKS because he is more famous and loved than their idols, so they want to attack him and critisize him. But they have to realize that putting somebody down doesn’t raise the other person up. >:(

  7. We all know JKS hardwork n how he gone thru all the thing…JKS don’t need all this to proof how popular he is! I only believe in what I saw in those FM n that can’t be fake! P/s: Eels won’t be easy to fool around with n don’t mess with eels!

  8. Haizzzzzz fame always create rival. Evidenced frm the tixs & mags selling response & even the public votes on Hallyu actor recently in Japan were sufficient to prove JKS popularity in Japan. All eels dun be affected by this rumour & fall into rival’s trap. JKS, we will b with & support u always. FIGHTING

  9. There are some pathetic people out there who are obviously envious of JKS’ success and popularity, his multi-talents, his good looks and charming personality…. . He and Tree-J will never ever stoop so low as to pay fans and whatnot. I believe in JKS and never doubt his honesty and sincerity.

  10. I just wanna say, “calm down, girls!”
    In Japan we ignore this absurd article completely. We don’t talk about this topic. It is a waste of time to get angry with such a ridiculous story. Because we know his true populariy and nobody can deny the fact, right? And also this article was appeared in an exploitation press. So I think their articles usually lack credibility. So don’t take this absurd article too seriously. We believe JKS and he believes his eels. I think it enough for us.

  11. I am not affected by all these. This just a little “rumour”. In future, there will be more bad rumours becos of his fame. I’m used to it. I, too, hope Sukkie will not be affected, too. So, eels of Sukkie, be strong and standby Sukkie’s side, no matter whatever happens or whatever the rumour is. I love Sukkie soooo much, so I make it a point to love him unconditionally no matter what, since, I want to continue to watch his soooooo good films and see all his funny gesture in the future esp thru this blog, thanks to Ivy and you all. We don’t want Sukkie to lapse from the showbiz, right? So maybe, he has another four more years becos in 2016, he will not in the showbiz for a temporary period, guess….. he will be in the National Service…….in Korea.

      • Compulsory military service / enlistment into army in Korea (for 2 years). The worse thing is, I heard all sorts of horror stories from my Korean tutor who have completed military service in Korea. He says that in addition to the terrible living conditions, violence and fights are very prevalent in the army. He said it’s terrible. And if your superior hits you, you cannot fight back …. really dunno how JKS is going to survive that!! 🙁

  12. Thanks Aphrael for promptly answer my question. That doesn’t enlighten news. Must he have to go? I heard something like that in Thailand, males citizen have to draw a “black” and “white” card (or something similar to that), and the one choose the “black” care must serve military.

  13. this just mean that he is really popular to make someone do a demolition job like this.. i don’t want to read the article anymore though i believe it isn’t true ‘coz i know i will be hurt.. i love him so much to take that kind of article.. so JKS be strong as you soar high there are lots of people who will get envied with you and pull you down but the very good news you have much more loyal fans here who will support you all the way!!


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