[01.07.11] First Rate Entertainment interview

English subs by: Aphrael77

There is a good reason why Mickey Huang is well-known in Taiwan – he’s one of the best emcees around!
Look at his natural interaction with JKS, I think JKS is also comfortable with Mickey having been interviewed by him before.

Love this interview. Mickey asks some, er, interesting questions too, like which part of his body JKS washes first when bathing!!
And Mickey and his team really made the effort to source for gifts that JKS would like ^^
And JKS shares with fans some of his life philosophy ….

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  1. just some thoughts…

    this morning, I was reading a Yahoo news article about a girl offering to spend her 1st night with any guy who can give her an iPhone 4. And Yahoo users left comments condemning the girl, blaming her parents for her upbringing, condemning everyone of that nationality (!) and making snide remarks that it’s cheaper than iPhone 4 if they go to local prostitutes (condemning themselves in the process, I think).

    Sometimes I’m quite fascinated by these comments because they really show what kind of people are out there online, with all their prejudices and making sarcastic comments about other groups of people and basically, despising and looking down on other people.

    So it struck me when JKS said a very simple thing, “Don’t look down on other people.”

    Everyone has a different life story; maybe we don’t agree with a lot of people out there, but there is no reason for people to get nasty and make all kinds of nasty and prejudiced remarks, because we are not perfect either.

    The world will be a less unpleasant place if people at least have a basic respect and courtesy towards others, and don’t look down on other people ….

    • Aphrael, thank you. I am TOTALLY agree with you. This world can be a better place if all kind (nationality) of people treat each other with respect or even tolerate the things that they are not agree on. It’s sadden me to say that negative remark does spread faster than light.

      Once again I like our Sukkie’s wise comments. This is one of many things about him that make me love him so much; I cannot get away from him.

      Please everyone “don’t look down on other people.”

    • Thanks, Aphrael, you have showed your kindness and fairness towards our fellow people, it’s true, we are all not perfect, as a person, we should respect other people’s life style, as long as they are not illegal.

  2. Yay!!! Thanks Aphrael! I was smiling like a goon in public when I saw this vid! Suk’s wisdom is really amazing for his age huh… Today he has uploaded 4 pix on iPhone apps. Really wish he would send English messages though

  3. Everyone is enjoying in this vid. ….. The funny parts are he likes the leopard plaster so much & the headmaster pic seems vy alien to him, JKS totally can’t recognise him 😉

  4. hahah i too agreed that he must have liked Mickey Huang compared to other hosts… 😉 cuz hes so funny jus like JKS too… both very humurous… he can make JKS reali laugh…. and at least no repetitive qns… more “interesting” qn… btw i like his ans for the Arab interview too… loads of in-depth responses from him… What makes us Eels faithful to him is his true inner beauty, being truthful always… ;D

  5. Keun Suk has always been very open minded and co-operative in all his interviews. He thinks deeply about things and is very magnanimous in his ways – never petty about doing things that may make him look silly, bad or ridiculous. (He never ends up looking bad anyway, just super sporting and approachable) He tries to make the MC’s job easy. Perhaps this is putting himself in the other person’s shoes because he himself has been a compere in many programmes/radio shows and he understands the difficulty of drawing out the guest stars’ personalities and responses.

    • ^_^ he is very humble & sporting..super charming!
      Staying up Late, really nice meeting you today & I have tried with my mum the sweets in the heart shaped box already! The rest I don’t know whether bear to eat or not…LOL..

      • Have not opened my heart shaped box candies. Trying to keep one complete set of everything in pristine condition. Actually VERY tempted to eat and will probably do so after I have settled the rest of the distribution. Are said candies shaped like roses (understand to be so) and how do they taste? So nice to have something to share with mum who may perhaps also be a fan of Keun Suk ie watching or have watched his korean dramas?

        Great to meet up with you too! Keep in touch, maybe we can organise Jang Keun Suk fan club meetings, Ivy/Aphrael?

      • yes, my mum is a fan of Sukkie too! ^_^ The candies in the heart shaped box taste good, some with a bit of sour taste & some sweet.. I think due to different fruits flavor.
        sure, I would love to join all of u when you have gathering, sure nice to meet again!

  6. Came back from a vaca trip from the beach and now I watched his video, and I’m missing him so much. Glad to see all these posts about Sukkie. When he laughed I laughed with him. When he was thinking, I was thinking with him. Thanks. Really enjoy it.


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