KBS World Arabic Interview with Jang Geun Suk

Credits: SUKarabfanclub
Shared by: Farina


Thanks to Farina for sharing this a few days ago, was so busy that I only have time now to post it ^^ though I have not finished watching it….

This interview in Arabic as well really shows JKS is on the way to becoming an international star!

(p.s. I’m also very impressed with the interviewer who speaks Korean and Arabic well!)

For Part 2,


33 thoughts on “KBS World Arabic Interview with Jang Geun Suk”

  1. 🙂 I was wondering if u got my emails… that’s why I posted them. Still waiting for the final part to be Eng subbed. Can you make the girl’s nationality? She doesn’t look Arabic and she’s definitely not Korean….

    • i don’t know …. what do Arabic girls look like? Maybe she’s Arabic cos she’s more fluent in it?
      She needs to think harder to phrase something in Korean

  2. Her name is Farah
    her father is an Egyptian and her mother is Korean
    that’s why she can speak both Languages really well ^_^

  3. Thanks for aphrael, I admire the girl who interviewed him can speak Korean so well and she is a pretty girl. I like the shirt he was wearing for the interview, anything look good on him. It was funny, he was joking when the girl told her the shirt was sort of country style color that he gonna returned it. I’m really looking forward for the movie You’re My Pet. Have a great night.

    • there was a typo above, i mean the girl interview Sukkie told him (not her) about the color of the shirt. Sorry.

  4. Btw, anyone knows when the official MV will be released for his other tracks? So far only seen “Let me cry”.. wondering when the “Gonna Getcha” and “Oh my darling” full video will b out… ?

    • Sallie, I’m afraid that the official MV for other tracks won’t be released, because “Let me cry” is a single album, so I suppose that other songs including the same album aren’t intended to listen by other media. And needless to say, he is too busy to shoot other MV…

      • ohhh.. thanks for the info… 😉 cuz i thought at least we can see “Oh My Darling” and “Gona Getcha” as the Behind-The-Scenes oredi been out for some time… aniwae will still wait patiently for any new videos..

  5. Aphrael, Thank you for posting this video with English Sub. I like his answers, especially when he said his interest in visiting other countries is to learn how people live, rather than visit some famous tourist places. Wow….I didn’t expect that. Sukkie is so deep and wise beyond his age. No wonder so many people love and royal to him.

    Please be true and be pure as always, Sukkie. LOVE you forever.

    • Kailey, I’m one of those who is very charmed when he talked as he is very witty & humorous… he can speak with his sexy voice like a wise old man with deep thoughts & meaning.. and yet, he is so young…normally young ppl around this age don’t speak like that…

  6. Hi , I ‘m Dina from Egypt, I’m an admin in jang gun suk Arab fan club page on facebook
    I translated this part and as for the last part we will release it by tomorrow or just after two or three hours.
    as for this girl she is Korean but she learned Arabic language and give herself an arabic name called Farah that means joy .
    best wishes and thanks for sharing

    • and by the way I heard that Farah’s father is an Egyptian and her mother is Korean. but I don’t know if this true or not

    • Hi Dina! MILLION THANKS for the Eng subs….great job! Really enjoyed the interview & I was most intrigued by Farah. She’s really pretty! I hope Sukkie will introduce himself in person to the Arab world and onwards to Europe & America. Imagine him holding fanmeets worldwide!

  7. Oppa is sooooo nice sing a-long “My Precious” with the fan…so cute, if i were her i’m gonna super glad and proud.

    • YES.. this is the most touching part of this interview.. so heartfelt… i believe it had given more energy to JKS to fightin’ always! so glad… he mus b so hapi… btw its cute that at the part 3 of this interview he gave his classic “grip” handshake to the host.. 😉

  8. Hi , I should inform you something ,I was talking about only the second part that I translated it not about the first one
    and the first one translated by saad , he is an admin in our angel jgs page on face book
    and my friend caramell the boss of our team made a revision on our translation
    as for the last part my friend Sarab translate it and caramell and I made a revision
    so I should have said this before but I was talking about only the second part
    thanks for my team

    jang geun suk arab fan club
    our angel jang geun suk

      • we are a group of four admins we have 2 pages on facebook
        Jang Geun Suk Arab Fan Club ( 1,062) members
        Our Angel Jang Geun Suk (1,622) members
        but why you ask dear ?

  9. Really big THANKS to all of you who are involved in the English translation… I really didn’t know Sukkie has so many Arabic fans until I saw these vids… and these vids are really a great insight of Sukke as well as his arabic eel fans there… Welcome to aphrael77’s blog too! ^_^


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