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  1. I hate to say that yesterday morning some Japanese insensitive fans(I hope they weren’t eels) made JKS so upset… because they didn’t keep our promise between JKS and eels such as “Don’t grab and touch me! Keep a proper distance and be an orderly eels!”

    I’m so sorry to say that some of his fans broke this rules and he was mobbed by them badly. You can see what happened by watching the vid.
    It was happened when he was about to enter the door to his photo exhibition. 

    Yesterday he commented about this regrettable event on the twitter.

    “If you don’t want to be a grilled eel, promise me not touch me. I don’t want you to touch your prince lightly. Don’t rush at me. Promise me!”

    Now in Japan the craze for JKS becomes much bigger than we eels expected. So there may be lots of temporary fans(not eels). I hope they’ll understand our rules and become real eels.

    If we are real eels, we should keep our rules. We know he hates to be grabbed or touched because he warned about it again and again. So real eels should know his dislikes and not to act which makes him disappointed. Because he is so kind to us, he wants get closer to us as long as we can keep our promise. If we broke it, he won’t be able to do so any more.

    Again, I’m sure and I’m proud that  Japanese eels are devoted and orderly fans. But it was the fact some Japanese hurt him against our will. We all Japanese are sorry  about that and beg him to forgive us and not to lose your love for us.

    He said at the press conference that he learned a Japanese word “Kabayaki(Grilled eel dish)” lately.
    He used this word humorously, ” If my eels cheated on me, I would make them grilled! Ha ha!”

    But we eels should know what he really meant to say. We want to live with him forever. We don’t want to be grilled. Right?

    P.S. aphrael, I’d be happy this post with his twitter’s pic will be put in the independent post in case of visiting new-born eels to know our rules. Thanks in advance.

      • Actually I sort of figure some unwritten rules when I read some thread in BaiduSukbar (China) that Sukkie don’t like to be touched (or worst mobbed) if he has not given “permission” (like HTK in YAB) ^_^ Especially during LoungeH or clubbing, that is the time when he can be himself & enjoy the freedom, rules seem to be no autograph, photos, vids, mobbing.. just treat him as DJ.. really not sure if this is written rules somewhere for new eels as I can’t understand the main fanclub site…

    • tenshi,

      I’ve put this on a separate page between “Feedback” and “Video Links”.
      Now I understand why he suddenly said this and sent this pic, so there was this unfortunate incident.

      do u mind posting the video link where JKS was mobbed?
      i didn’t see that …. did I miss it?

      • Hi Aphrael, saw this on Youtube but i’m not sure if this is the video Tenshi is referring to….

        I can see that our dear JKS very much wanna shake hands with the eels, and he even ‘high-five’ with some fans! Hahaha! 😀
        But the tall man in suit did stop & tried to block the fans from going near JKS….

        Look at JKS expression at 0:20….. (when the eels were getting a little too close to JKS)

      • aphrael, I made a mistake that these 2 vids didn’t include the scene… Please the check the vid below from 3:08 to 3:36. After he was mobbed by fans, he was back to the car until the fans there must have lined up orderly, but some fans were still trying to touch him…

      • Thanks Tenshi for sharing with us this video. Poor Sukkie must be shocked! But glad that everything went well after that.

        This video is interesting! Wow! That lady has JKS everywhere in her house! Amazing! ;p
        Was that sweets with JKS face printed on it as well? I want! hahaha!

    • Yup… I remembered he did mentioned clearly that he doesn’t like to be mobbed b4… i mean its like molesting… hope fans can try to ctrl themselves.. if they hurt their idol den it will only upset everyone… during S’pore Grp Photo, i too saw fans grabbing his arms.. sticking themselves so close to him.. and oso snatching him till he nearly lost balance .. bt got saved by bodyguards…

  2. Oh dear, I hope you’re feeling OK Sukkie. Please… Please, don’t get mad with all Eels who love you very much and probably didn’t mean to hurt you. To those new eels (or temporary fans), please oblige by our prince’s rule. It should not be that difficult just to ONLY look at him and touch him when given permission.

    I love to see our Sukkie in happy mood — When he smiles, I smile. When he laughs, I laugh. His laugh is soooo contagious.

  3. This is a flash report!!!!!
    We succeeded to get our sincerity and reformation across to him!!!
    He posted on twitter, “Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.”
    I’m so happy to hear that. I feel crying for relief and joy (T_T)

    • Now I understand why Sukkie mentioned “Kabayaki(Grilled eel dish)” during the press conference after some deep thoughts… really must admire him for being smart & sensitive as I think he may want to bring the message across to his eels (including new eels or temporary eels) besides twitter.. whenever he mentioned grilled eels now.. those at the things he don’t like the eels to do…^_^ (very humorous & non-offensive way of communicating to his eel fans as this message will be broadcasted in magazines & TV-show, get it load & clear!)

      • QQeyes007, yes, he is quite witty. But unfortunately the Japanese media don’t know this deep meaning of “Kabayaki.” They assume that it is just a name of Japanese traditional dish regarding eels.

  4. What I think he means by ‘dangerous’ when eels touch him is that he fears a possible uncontrollable reaction by other fans who may all follow the first few eels’ actions… This will result in serious injury to those fans and it will be very difficult to contain the ‘mob’ effect without using force….it will turn into an ugly sight…


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