[News snippets] 28 Jun 2011 – JPlus press conference


500 reporters were invited to actor-cum-singer Jang Keun Suk’s Jplus photo-book press conference on 28 Jun 2011.

Under everyone’s gaze, JKS waved as he skipped into the venue. Some of what JKS said at the press conference:

“Yesterday, many people came (to the airport) to greet me. I was worried that accidents might occur, but luckily everyone is all right. At the photo-book exhibition, I wrote this message in many places – ‘I only permit you to look at me’. Everyone can see if they can find it. Hope that everyone will be happy when viewing the exihibition.”

In fluent Japanese, “Fans are like real eels. They make me feel touched and motivated… grilled eels!!” Everyone laughed.

Showing his cute and playful side, JKS said, “I am someone who will do something when I think of it, so I often get scolded.” Since arriving in Japan on 27 June, his actions have been very much restricted by his staff who kept telling him “No” and “You cannot do this”.

“I didn’t intend to portray myself as very handsome or beautiful in my first photo-book, but to exhibit my real self. Within such a short time, many people have come to love me. Frankly speaking, sometimes I feel scared.”

Before JKS left, he said, “I dislike Japanese girls” to the shock of everyone present. Then he added, “Bluffing you, I like them very much.” The fans laughed. JKS likes feminine women and his impression of Japanese women is, “Everyone is very feminine, especially those who are waiting for me are even more beautiful.”

After the fan-meeting, JKS also shook hands with his fans.



Source: Sukbar


【新闻图】他在大家的注目中 一边挥手一边小跳跑式的进入了会场。粉丝就像就像真的鳗鱼一样。给我好多感动和动力。。鳗鱼烧!!他用流畅的日语说了这段话,逗得大家都笑了。我是一个想到了就会行动的人,所以经常挨骂。很可爱调皮的一面也展现给了大家。(翻译:默)




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  1. aphrael77, thanks for the translation.. also to share a part of his interview during Taipei Cri-Show which I read from BaiduSukbar & quite interesting.
    Sukkie was asked about favourite(or distinctive) phrase from his role in MMM & they talk about his roles & himself…
    YAB (to Go Minam) –> “I give you permission to like me”
    MMM (to Mary) –> “Please don’t fell for me”
    JKS himself (to his eels) –> “I only permit you to look at me”

    • QQeyes007…. I like JKS’s phrase. I will surely look ONLY at you, Sukkie :). aah this guy…took my heart away again n again

    • actually since I get to know Sukkie more than a year back, I notice he is the only star who can charm 3 generations of ladies in the family.. daughter (child/teenager/adult), mum and grandma…for this talents (like acting/singing), he may attract 3 generations of guys as well in future… ^_^ why I said so is I notice one of male colleagues having Sukkie’s song as ringtone!

      • I agree with you!! Just like me, Im a mother of 3 kids but im still a loyal fan of JGS.I’ve just known JGS in the drama He’s Beautiful, when I set my eyes on him i started collecting all his dramas and movies. I love him not only because of his looks but also his character. I admire his acting, his singing and the way he treat his fans.

  2. My prince! don’t feel scared or bad. As long as u portray your own self honestly, slowly your eels will be accepting you n even of course we want you to be a good role model to us, actually we cannot stop you to do your own right or wrong things, we can only advise u to do good because we want you to be stay longer in this industry, the real thing is you are a multitalented actor, no doubt!! That’s why we are still hanging around to like or love you! But OMG, how can i only just to look at you? Ahh!! Help2!!

  3. Imagine that with this such amazing guy is standing in front of you and you just looking happily to him, how crazy!! owh no no no, i feel that it was the worst3 moment in my life when if let say i was at haneda airport, what an annoying thing.. but what to do, we have to allow him to look at him only because we don’t want to lose him..:'(


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