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    • hi,

      I have translated this – I think this interview is taken from the Japanese magazine AERA Mook that tenshi-akuma has volunteered to translate for us. Let me get in touch with tenshi first, because I don’t want to waste her efforts if she has translated.

  1. I don’t think this is his mother. JKS’s mother is not an actress. Actually every time the media tries to approach JKS parents they that they too shy and don’t like to be interviewed.

    • People who love JKS will love him for who he is, no matter what his current image is (if they think he’s like ahjumma or ladyboy, please ask them to go see Beethoven Virus or Happy Life).
      He has great flexibility in his image, style and appearance – a great advantage for an actor.

      People who don’t like JKS will continue to dislike him, no matter what other people say.
      So there is no point in arguing with them, because they have decided to dislike him.

      It is enough, for us and for JKS, that us fans will continue to love and support him.
      As for the anti-fans, well, the saying goes that people with different interests go different paths, so I don’t have to bother with them, do I?

      • Totally agree with aphrael77!!! ^_^ normally I will ignore antifans as it is no point defending (for personal preference) unless wrong info is spread (which I may know the correct info). For Sukkie’s role in new movie YMP, he needs to play a “pet” & with his professionalism, he will put aside his image & play this role well, that is why he is different from others who may not want to play this cheesy & not so macho role… (I always try to imagine some other actors I know to fit this YMP but can’t pass my internal “casting” test ^_^ try that and it is very effective)

  2. aiyak! die! die! might b they n me also learnt from d honest n non-hipocrte of him when he ws intrvwd by d rporters/fans, but3, i c tht he really3 luv his fans so he tried d best to honstly down 2 earth n he achieved it! tq frenzz n my prince! work smart, sleep tight,Fighting!


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