18 thoughts on “A short greeting from JKS for KBS Arab interview”

  1. OMG! did he just greet us in Arabic! OMG! OMG! OMG! He’s coming to us too!
    I can’t believe it! Finally! The Arab fans got to be acknowledged!

    excuse me while I’m having a heart-attack! *_*

    • Cri-J, I’m very happy whenever I hear Sukkie talked in different languages (even I don’t understand most foreign languages ^_^), he really wants to communicate with fans from different countries & I find that even for Chinese languages, I find he has improved each time I hear him speaking that… this young man really appreciate his fans & work hard to make them happy right?

      • Right! I can’t even describe the feeling when I heard him say the Arabic greeting. And he said it flawlessly too! I repeated it god knows how many times!

        He sure is a hard worker. I only pray for the best for him.

  2. “wa alaicom al salam wa rahmat allah wa barakatoh”sukii ,i’m really crying now to hear this .He is so good man ,i can’t describe my feeling now.A big greeting from Egypt.

    • A big greeting from Kuwait and the whole Arabian Gulf! Even my friends in Syria want to give him a big greeting too!

  3. wow…he’s going to Arabic country? this is so great. looks like he is going to conquer the whole world and surely will get more and more dearie eels. so proud of him. and I never recovered after heard him greet in Malay for Malaysia Cri Show heheh… will still smile when I think about it. ah you are so cute Sukkie :p

  4. oooooh my cute sukki ” w alikom elsalam w rahmat Allah w brakato ” i love u sooooooooooooo much <3 and i hope you come to an arabic country and i wish you come to Egypt i repeated this video so much and every day 🙂

  5. JKS I’m proud of you and Increased my admiration for your
    When thrown greeting Arabic<3<3<3<3<3<3
    <3<3LOVE YOU JKS<3<3

  6. Hi every body ^^
    I can’t believe JKS oppa speak with we Arab fans XO, and
    He is shiny star in Saudi Arabia and all of Arab countries.
    he was said arabic salutation to his arab fans.
    we thank he for he give we some his time.
    We are love him, love his drama, love his songs, and love all of whatever he’s doing .
    We said to him : don’t give up and keep up ^^ we are with you ^^


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