21 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS at YMP filming ….”

  1. it looks like he’s setting a gift box or something. Are those greeting cards at the ground?
    I really want to know what he’s doing! I can’t think straight right now since I’m still recovering from hearing JKS greeting his fans in my language *_*

      • Yeah , I know! I still can’t believe my ears!
        anyway I’ve read in another blog that JKS is receiving gifts from fans in those photos.
        Eels every where sure love to spoil him ^__^

      • I just saw yr post saying u r from Kuwait… I’m really glad that slowly but surely he’s making steps to make himself known worldwide 🙂

      • @F1968:
        you are so sweet! ^_^ this is how we replay to the Muslim greeting you just said ” wa’alaikum al’salam wa’rahmatuh Allah wa’barakatuh ”

        sukkie is sure starting to be known worldwide. I heard from my Aunt in the USA that he started to have quite a lot of fans there too.

      • Dear, I am a Muslim from Singapore 🙂 Do u hv FB account? If u do, pls feel free to add me: Arba’ayah Abdullah

      • @F1968 Wa’alaikumsalam 🙂 i’m from Indonesia and i’m muslim also

        the way he said Assalamu’alaikum is right and sweet *hug* *smile*

      • @ F1968

        wow! so many Muslims ^^ dear I have no FB account but here is my Email : runanori@yahoo.com
        I don’t know why I never bothered with face book , my friends are always nagging me about it but I think I’m too lazy to keep up with it ^_^

      • @cri-j :
        u shud hv fb acc then..there are more muslims eels.
        credit to aphrael77 for keeping us updated..(^^)V

  2. Sukkie looks like a little boy in shorts (i think first time I see him in short!)..but very cute!!! Like a little boy opening presents & feeling happy! all written on that small face of him ^_^

  3. The sight of our prince alone make all eels go wild…look at him…..so cheerful and patiently taking his own sweet time attending to the gift. Aigooooooooo!! Wouldnt mind giving him a helping hand….squatting next to him…GOSH!!


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