22 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Behind-the-scenes of Cartier Bague”

  1. This is awesome!!! so beautiful. can’t wait to see the full. JKS is very cool and hot here (especially kiss scene haha)

  2. CrazyoverJKS pls look for full cf version! Help help i’m drown….together w JKS in the aquarium. He really kissed Lee Min Jung?

    • Ah Carol, sorry for the late reply as i was already drowned since this afternoon and have yet to wake up! Coz i am still waiting for JKS to do CPR for me! Hahahaa! 😀
      I’m not sure if they really kissed, but looks like it. And i bet JKS will prefer to do it for real too, coz he will want this CF to be perfect and real. ;p

      • Oh gosh! How lucky is she being the girl. ..To me! Is better PSH take over this role since HTK saved GMN in d pool w/o a kiss scene. Cont’ frm here lo!…. :-*

      • Hmmmmm….. Good idea! hehee! ;p
        But i think i will still prefer it if i am the girl he kissed! Hahaha! 😀

      • with the Eng sub, now I know this CF is so meaningful with great cause…and Sukkie is really a kind hearted soul and also with his usual charm display of appreciation to people working with him… Thanks again Tenshi san! (you’re an angel too!!! ^_^)

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