JKS Ole goodies to go …. …

Aphrael77: Hi, to make it easier for Staying Up Late, I’m reposting her message here.
I think she’s selling most of the JKS Ole candy stuff she bought, you can leave your email address in a comment here. I assume this is open to those in Singapore only?

To Staying Up Late, I was wondering what you were doing in BKK when JKS wasn’t there!
So you went to places that he had gone before to visualize what it was like with him there …. …. ….
Anyway, great that you had a fruitful trip!

————- From Staying Up Late ————-

After attending the Singapore fan meeting and then subsequently reading all the FANtastic fan accounts on HK and BKK I’ve been very, very, very tempted to follow on the MY, TW and SH fan meetings. Alas, with family on hand one simply couldn’t drop everything and hit the roads on impulse!

As a result, I could only do the next best thing, go to BKK (at a time accomodating the family, ie not while Keun Suk was in town), visit the autograph signing and photo-taking venue and buy up all the JKS ole candies! The autograph and photo-taking venue is great, air-conditioned with huge tv monitors – definately better then Marina Sq in Singapore. I was visualizing how it looked while Keun Suk was there, based on the wonderful pictures of the event taken by Aphrael and team. When I read Aphrael”s 27 May autograph and photo-taking report, I already told myself that I MUST get hold of all those merchandise photographed on the hotel bed!!!! So I scoured all the supermarkets and 711 to find the candies while in BKK. Keun Suk’s ole candies are really selling well because there were NONE left on the shelves.

Finally on the last day of departure, they replenished stocks! Here, there and everywhere, I managed to acquire ALL and complete sets of the multiple versions/packaging JKS candies including 4 heart shaped tins, winky eyes and sweets. Happiness and glee!

Should any of you out there who are going through the same feelings as me and would be comforted having something with JKS’s adorable, happy and handsome face on it plus him being actively involved with, leave a message here with your email address and I will get in touch with you.

This is my fan account.:)

Thanks Ivy and if Keun Suk’s anniversary party next year in SKorea can fall within local school holiday periods I would love to go, will you be organising?

————- END of message ————-

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    • Aphrael, forget to mentioned my “TQ” for your heart shape Ole Candy you hv gave me in KL Cri in yr previous Fan Account 🙂 If not, I won’t able to get it frm Staying Up Late….. kamsahamidah

      • Carol, yes you definately should thank Aphrael. I also wish she had given me some heart shape box candies, so I won’t have to travel all the way to BKK and scour every market to acquire them! However, knowing there is a limit to how much she could possibly carry and thus not likely to be able to provide for everyone, I neither expect nor request for any, chosing instead to DIY.

      • Wonder if the ole candies taste as good as shown in CF…..must be very tasty as our sukkie bought 100 boxes for the korean eels!! Any of you tried it out ? Or just tooooo precious to swallow it down…….heeheeheehee

  1. While the JKS ole candies I have on hand are to be paid for, they are not for the purposes of SALES really.

    I bought the JKS ole candies because I am happy to have the entire collection. Whilst I was doing it, a thought came to mind that perhaps some people out there would be happy to have them too. So I bought one set for keeps, one set for trial (eating) and ONE set for any ardent fan/s who would appreciate my efforts in bringing Keun Suk closer to them. Besides the cute packaging, I actually wanted to try the sweets and know if Keun Suk makes an effort to understand, test and be highly selective about the products that he endorses. Turns out the boiled candies have a surprise twist to them – sweet, minty, sourish and finally sweet, all in one. The winky eyes were not bad either – chewy, not too sweet with strong fragrance. Ole candy is an established brand in Thailand and there are people who grew up on them. Keun Suk has chosen well! I like the intellect and commerial sense of him.

    Price. I think a fair price is one that would be similar to like categories of candies found in Singapore plus a slight premium. I can’t bear to let go of Keun Suk’s candies at the same price as any generic candy because that would mean that he has no value added at all. I envisage nothing (item) more than SGD 10.

    Profit. No matter how one calculates from an economic or commerial perspective, this could never be a profitable venture.

    If anyone truly understands what I am trying to do and would purely be happy to try/own some JKS candies, leave your emails here. Cri-J and Michelle, if it makes your day, I will pack and send it via post to wherever you are.

    Ivy, didn’t I wrote somewhere earlier that I could speak some Thai? I had matters to attend to in BKK albeit getting those candies and visiting the sites were also on the top of my list! I don’t wish to take up too much of your web space, so do delete/clear at a time as you deem appropriate. I am fine as it is.

  2. Staying up Late, I’m actually very touched by your sincerity & thoughtfulness..I was hesitating as there might may many eels here who want to get from you so I didn’t approach u, anyway, whether if there is any left for me, I want to THANK YOU for this SWEET thoughts ^_^ my email is QQeyes007@gmail.com

  3. Tutu and QQ, so glad to find like minded people as you! I am giving this another day for registration of interest. Thereafter, we will close our books and get on with distribution so that we can all enjoy our JKS ole candies whilst holding the super cute candy boxes and packages in hand!

    I will email everyone here with details on the different types of candies by 21 June and we work it out from there.

    • OMG!!! Just cant believe that JKS’s favorite ole candy going to appear in front of our eyes and get to grasp it too…….Really, really thank you for sharing, Staying Up Late. Giving you in advance a great hand shake plus a huge bear hug for all your effort to bring such joy to eels like me who never thought it would be possible to have JKS ole candies.

  4. Hi everyone, please check your mailboxes. I have send out an email with details on the candies as planned. Leave a message here if you fail to recieve said email.:)


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