13 thoughts on “Daum website voting”

  1. the message means “you have already voted” I used google translator to understand it.

    I still don’t know if we can only vote once or it has some kind of duration.

    • It seems can press again after ok… So i keep pressing the cat/tiger icon….ok….then icon….ok…..icon…ok. The no seems jumping vy fast…all eels gv a try. Hope JKS can win in his homeground too 😉

  2. I think you can vote every 15 minutes or so. If you keep pressing it will keep telling you that you have already voted.

    this message “이미 투표 하셨습니다.” means you have already voted . you can look it up in google translator ^_^

    I will make sure of the duration and posted here ^_^

    • oh…I’m vote without i know why!!!!!!!!!!! ,i’m so….hahahahay……….But it’s ok, i can do anything for him……go sukiiii go .

  3. Thats the dream of all eels – to see of Prince J always No 1 and the best.
    Will keep on voting till the very last minute.
    All the best Sukkie – eels will promise to make you No 1


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