[Pics] JKS @ YMP filming

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More pics from Korean fans who visited the filming site, as usual with tons of foodstuff and other gifts (?).
Heard that the 3-tiered cake costs more than SGD 400.


10 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS @ YMP filming”

  1. oh my… his hair!!! I hope the hairstylist do something LOL.. btw that cake so cute, little JKS and Kim Ha Neul sitting under the tree ^^

  2. you’re not blind at all! that’s the “Suk effect” we tend to see him and everything else becomes a blur! ^__^
    here is another photo of sukkie so cute!

    credit goes to shiro401!

    and let me tell you , I have seen pics of the food the eels send to sukkie and I have to say by just looking at it ….. it way more than amazing! it must have coast a fortune!
    I wish I could help in some way …

    to all the eels thank you so much for your amazing support in all our names T_T

  3. Being JKS eels r not easy. Hv to put in hardwork, sacrifice time & $$$ to mk things happen & great!!! JKS is true. we eels can only look at you coz we hv no more time & $$$ to look & spend on other male artists hahaha


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