6 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS and Choi Jong Hoon”

  1. so many dramas n mv out there in korea, but why must jgs compete with khjun to do d filming? from BOF to YMP? lucky jgs won in YMP! likeee!

    • mel2, Sukkie did not compete with anyone, my understanding from TV interview is different ^_^ I think this must be from anti-fans┬áto cause misunderstanding between fans (I saw this in some thread but no one can provide the source of the info) …very likely wrong interpretation or coming from unreliable source… I think for smart & matured fans, they will not fall into this trap of anti-fans

    • mel2, here is the link last year which I saw when Sukkie was selected for YMP after the movie was rejected by KHJ, I remember Sukkie has just completed YAB & planning for his ASIA tour FM then, that is why when he accepted this role, he has to slim down for YMP ^_^
      As to BOF, you can see the TV interview below as Sukkie was interviewed as to why he rejected BOF & choose BV (Beethoven Virus). His reason is what eel fans would expect of him as he don’t mind being 2nd lead in BV compared to 1st lead in BOF with the reason wanting to work with the seniors he respected so that he can learn more from them.
      If you see any anti-fans spreading wrong info, you can provide this link to them & I guess this will help, thanks!


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