21 thoughts on “[13 June 2011] 8TV interview”

  1. Aphrael,
    Thank you so much for posting this interview and feeding us with news about JKS every day! May I repost this at the AKP?

  2. Thanks for this post!!! He’s so mischievous… Haha… Can just imagine him playing hide and seek with Jason or Keun-sama… ^_^

    One of these days must help wash my family car to get a feel of what’s so enjoyable abt it…. Lol….

  3. haha … he like to play hid-and-seek when he is drunk lol how cute…… i want to play havent play that for along time… maybe i should try playing it when im drunk to instead of crying lol…..

  4. thanks a lot aphrael77 ! nice to know about his childhood. He’s cute child or adult.

    aphrael77 I don’t know if you have time to translate this for English, it has Chinese subs.
    you already do so much for us , so I don’t want to burden you more. only if you have the time thanks so much ^__^

    • Thanks Tenshi san, the vid is very clear & so happy for u that u can visit the store ^_^ I saw the cushion, if this was sold in S’pore during his last Cri-show, I would get that for sure & also the water bottle… if there is a booster like the one in YMP, I think will be best seller…LOL!

      • QQeyes007 , it’s a brief translation from 8:00 ^^
        “So young!”
        “He appeared on the last introduced drama when he was in high school.”
        “So on that drama JKS was Jay’s age!”
        “Do you(大国男児, DAIKOKU-DANJI, Korean pop group) know JKS?”
        “Of course!!!”
        “I watched his Let me cry MV recently.”
        “I watched Nonstop4(South Korean sitcom) when I was in elementary school. I thought JKS was so cute!”
        “He was an idol among children.”
        “Wow, he was popular among children.”
        “Now JKS has an adult sexiness, but on these 3 dramas he looked so different. I don’t know that’s because he started to act when he was a child, but he attaches his mind to get inside a character. We can see his persistence of acting through the pictures. I think he is good at producing himself.”
        “We’re really looking forward his future in his career.”

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