[2017-10-24] Tree-J twitter

171024 Voyage
yokohama 1day
Finally VOYAGE has started.
As he couldn’t get close, he looked disappointed.
But soon he can meet you!
Actor Jang has prepared for that,
singing to himself all day long~
We’re looking forward to the show too!


171024 Voyage
yokohama 1day
드디어 여행이 시작되었습니다
가까이 갈 수 없어 풀죽은 장배우 ㅋ
하지만 곧 만나니까요!
하루종일 노래를 흥얼거리며
여행을 준비하는 장배우-
저도 공연이 기대됩니다!

With his gentleness when he throws a towel at an eel and lambent wit,
Actor Jang overcame staff’s failure.
We really appreciate it.
We will try our best to make the better show.

장어님들에게 타올을 던져줄 때의
상냥함과 번뜩이는 센스로
스탭의 잘못을 덮어주신
장배우님께 감사드립니다
더욱 멋진 무대 만들도록

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