Change in Malaysia fan-sign date & time


For those going for the autograph and photo-taking session in Malaysia this weekend, please note that the date has changed to Saturday 4 June, 4.00 pm at the same venue stated in Rhythm Land’s email to you.

As a result, the Cri Show on 4 June will now start at 7.00 pm.

14 thoughts on “Change in Malaysia fan-sign date & time”

      • Have to go to a friend’s hometown this Saturday night to attend her tea ceremony on Sunday morning! Hoping I don’t have to miss any part of his CRI show now that it starts at 7pm! But guess if I have to, I can catch up on wat I missed out by reading ur fan account!:)

  1. so its now confirm the show start at 7pm..
    Aphrael you know the venue for the autograph and photo session..

    • Are you going for the autograph and photo? It’s a private event …. so don’t think non-Platinum ticket holders can go in?

  2. I wish I know how to send him a gift. Do any of you know how can I send a gift by mail or something?
    I can’t afford going to one of his cri shows ,but I would love to send him a gift from all his fans here in my country.

    • Previously, we know Tree-J’s address in Seoul, but I think Tree-J is in the process of moving to their new office in JKS’ spanking new building XD

      So far, there is no news on the new office address, or when exactly the move will take place.

      It’s a great idea to send him a gift, especially one that comes from so many fans.
      U all can prepare it first, but perhaps wait for news of the confirmed office address.
      Once I know it, I’ll put it somewhere on my blog and let u all know

      • thanks so much! we want to send him a gift from all his fans in my country.
        I will be waiting for the address aphrael77! Thanks so much for your help! I can’t thank you enough for this blog and now you offer your help like this again ….. T_T I can’t find words special enough to thank you!

    • ?? What’s TCBX? … anyway, we’ll find a way …. U have collected the tickets already, so that saves some time.
      I guess my friend will have to collect hers and mine at the fan-sign venue ….

  3. it’s imposble if he ll walk around KLCC! if its true,i will run aftr him n catch him!!! 😀 he must b scared alrdy to come here..jgs.. kidding.. we might b crzy but still polite as an us..miss u!

  4. Gals, good news ..
    From Rhythm Land
    In view of the tight timing for the VVIP and VIP fans, transport will b provided from the venue of the fansign+photograph session to KLCC immediately after the event. 4 buses will go on 2 rounds to ferry all the above fans. Details will b announced by the host at the venue tomm.


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