[Videos] JKS Fan-sign in Bangkok on 27 May 2011

Credits: Aphrael77

Just realized that these are all autograph videos. I have to go look for the photo-taking videos …

For more videos,

Part 3

Part 4: JKS throws sweets to audience!

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Part 6: Oops, this is too short!

Part 7: The start of autograph. JKS is very cute & blows a kiss!

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Part 10: Chinese eel incident

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13 thoughts on “[Videos] JKS Fan-sign in Bangkok on 27 May 2011”

  1. so cute and charming! I hope he will have all his dreams come true.
    wish him happiness and peacefulness too. Don’t change JKS!

  2. Aphrael I tagged a pic on yr FB from Sukkie’s tweet today. If I understand correctly from Google translate, he’s now in Japan for the opening of Shibuya Parco Ltd

    • F1968, His official shop “JKS’ room” will be open from 3 June to 27 June at Shibuya Parco, Tokyo, but unfortunately JKS is not in Japan now…
      He is going to Japan at the end of June after Taipei Cri Show.

      • Tenshi, this is his tweet…cld u pls translate? 🙂

        今、♫My preciousを聴きながら、空港に向かってます。数々のミッション遂行の為に kkk… 3日からオープンの渋谷パルコ期間限定オフィシャルショップも準備万端。沢山の方のご来店お待ちしております。いい曲だ…
        web • 1/6/11 8:52 AM

      • F1968, this is not his tweet. JKS doesn’t have his own one. This is JKS Japan Official Fanclub’s tweet, so the staff posts the tweet below.

        June has begun today. At long last our prince is coming to Japan at the end of this month \(^o^)/
        Now I(the staff) is going to the airport while listening to the song “My precious” so as to carry out a few missions kkk…
        (not mentioned clearly, so I don’t know where she’s flying to… Korea? Tokyo? … his FC office is located in Osaka, not Tokyo)
        We are ready enough to open the JKS official shop for a limited period from 3 June. We all look forward to many eels’ coming to the special shop. Anyway, “My precious” is really a good song…

      • Hehehe….all along I thought he was the one who tweeted 🙂
        Tks Tenshi for the explanation & translation!

  3. I heard that in Japan they are making some kind of JKS fest by re-showing all of his movies starting from July and till his birthday at the beginning of August.
    Is that true Tenshi-san?


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