Shanghai Cri Show pre-order ends Fri 27 May, 12 noon (China time)

Just a reminder for those considering going that the official pre-order will end this Friday at 12 noon (China time), which means that whichever pre-order mode you choose, your payment must reach the other party before the deadline.
For details, please refer to this post.

In response to a query, I am planning to go to Shanghai Cri Show (with Chicken Little), and in fact after days of anxiety and frustration over bank transfer issues, I’ve decided to pre-order through KeunSukChina and today transferred the payment in US dollars to KSC via Paypal, which turns out to be the easiest method. You can google on Paypal and find out how to register and use it. Paypal needs verification from your credit card company though, a process that may take 1 to 2 days though my memory may prove wrong (please call your credit card company to find out). Then there is a transfer fee charged by Paypal, not to mention the currency conversion charged to your card.

The good news for those who want to pre-order Shanghai Cri Show ticket is, you can place your order with KSC even if you are not their forum member. However, KSC informs that tickets are running out, so please act soon if you want to go. If there is any issue, you can always liaise with the KSC contact at her email address below. Let’s just say that the China fanclubs including KSC are reliable and responsive.

How to transfer to KSC:

1. Before transferring any payment, email Tiantian at to check for availability of the ticket(s) you want.

2. Use Paypal to make payment in US dollars to
The recipient should reflect as Li Tiantian.
* The sender should pay for Paypal admin/transfer fee and calculate the USD / RMB exchange rate because KSC cannot buy your ticket if the amount they receive is less than the RMB ticket price. If you transferred excess, they should be able to return the excess to you on the date of the Cri Show itself.

3. After payment, send an email to the same yahoo email account with your particulars:

中文网ID / KSC member ID or passport name:
所在地 My country / place of residence:
真实姓名 Real Name:
常用邮箱 Email address:
联系电话 Contact tel number:
汇款人 Name of transferor:
汇款时间 Time payment made: [please specify date, time, seconds]
购买数量 My purchase [ticket price*quantity]:(example:1280*1)
汇款金额 Amount transferred [in USD]:ticket price + Paypal admin fee
汇款方式 Payment mode:Paypal
支付宝交易号 Paypal Transaction Reference:

Just 3 steps, and you are done! You should receive their reply within 24 hours of your transfer.

The ticket collection is on 9 July itself before the start of the Cri Show, from KSC at the show venue.
Further details will be released in due course. They will not entertain requests to courier tickets to you, because they want to avoid people having time to re-sell their FM tickets at black market prices.

7 thoughts on “Shanghai Cri Show pre-order ends Fri 27 May, 12 noon (China time)”

    • Me toooooo. Good 2 hear that u can get the ticket this way.I still can’t so I think I gonna miss the deadline 🙁 Anyway, have fun in Shanghai.

  1. who ever is going is so lucky and its right on my birthday … i want to go there for my bday but dang airplane ticket and hotel is so expensive …..jelouse of whoever is going .. 🙂

  2. from s’pore to b’kok to kl to shanghai!! u must show yr lighted billboard very clearly for jks to notice that it and its owner are following him devotedly!!! he wd give u such a beautiful smile!

    if there’s space on the billboard, u shd add ‘from s’pore with love!!’ u make s’pore eels very proud of u!

    have a gt time!! scream and jump up and down; i really hope he notices u!

      • Put your name on it! That way, he will know that it’s ONE SPECIFIC SUPER fan following him all over from Singapore!

    • Suggest put “SARANGHAE JKS” 1st line *heart shape* 2nd line IVY, S’PORE 3rd line. A big & bright light board. He will definitely notice it …. at his FM. Cameraman will also focus on your light board + the eel holding it


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