42 thoughts on “[25 May 2011] Pics at Gimpo Airport Lotte DFS Opening”

  1. maybe he didnt like his hair or outfit? youre right, he looked kinda awkward… by the way, why is everybody calling him momosuk lately? what does that mean?

    • His character in “You’re my Pet” is Momo… and he sports that hairstyle belonging to this character.
      so as long as he has this hairstyle, many fans will call him Momosuk!

  2. I agree with you all.
    He doesn’t look happy at all. I hope it is temporary. What was with Taiwan show? Might be some misunderstanding/misinterpretation of what he have said? He had so many interviews lately, and all translated into different languages, sometimes not very accurate.
    But it will be all corrected at the end with our support, right Aphrael?
    Cheer up JKS! Everything will be OK!

    • agree… his eyes didn’t sparkling like before, maybe he’s to tired…or the photographer was not good enough to capture his best smile…?

      • yah…something reali missing from his eyes and smile.. and the hair is oso rather messed up.. felt like a bad hair day causing a bad mood… quite alot of fotos he looked reali stunned with fiercely opened eyes.. hmmm

      • Mayb need time for me to get used to his new hairdo.. well… jus hope he gt ample rest… πŸ™‚

  3. probably he’s too tired from filming. ): and tmr he’s flying to thailand right? Such a hectic schedule! ): Sukkie please take care of yourself!

  4. I have read from somewhere that JKS will have a day off today. Hope he has enough rest and enjoy himself today before flying off to Thailand for Cri Show.

    • that’s nice… day-off,, but as they say
      whenever he is alone he is just so quiet and editing videos for the fans..

  5. That was the first thought that struck too….he looks unhappy… And who’s tt girl? Also, he seems dwarfed standing beside all the other celebs.

  6. I think he’s just very very exhausted. Imagine, from 23 April 2011 Singapore to Taiwan to Shanghai to Show “You’re my pet”. I think he just need lots of rest and sleep. Next schedule on 28 May to 4 June 2011. Surely he wants rest very badly. Look at his red eyes. A sign of lack of sleep.

    JGS, take care of yourself and your body. God bless you good health!!

    • I agree, I think he’s very tired, the guy always give us 100% (and we give him 100 points for that), but I hope he takes a good rest or vacation somewhere with his family!

  7. Aigoo! Sukkie looks so tired..
    I saw him like this also during the Codes Combine autograph signing
    where he has back pains,, and it is not that easy to smile if you are feeling sick and tired…
    Take care of your health!! ^_^

  8. the sparkle in his eyes is missing!! it’s true the smile did not reach his eyes and he looked so muted. πŸ™ do have a gd rest and recover yr usual bubbly electric smile!

  9. It’s quite unusual to see a not so happy Suk.. but maybe he’s just really tired. His schedule is a bit insane.. Asian tour, movie plus tons of CFs in between.

  10. His face is a little swollen…
    Partly because he is exhausted from his tight schedule and alsoΒ I think he’s put on a little weight..

    I’m not sure it’s true or not, but I heard a rumor that Momosuk is no longer a ballet dancer. His role is said to be a musical performer.
    If it’s true, JKS doesn’t have to go on a diet!!

    Being healthy is best for him πŸ™‚

  11. Thought his whole look from the hair style to the clothes look very euro. It’s a different style, I like it. Particularly the v-neck shirt beneath the jacket – very cool with a little detail.

    He’s just calm and subdued, not the bubbly, playful persona. Perhaps he is behaving in line with the “formal” occassion – ie in the company of corporate bigwigs . Afterall, he is also a boss himself, he could behave serious and corporate like in the appropriate situations.

  12. aphrael is sure busy uploading….. finishing to quota of posts until she comes back from bkk show. πŸ˜€ i know you can’t sleep, too excited!

  13. on reading staying up late’s comments, i totally agree with her.

    jks has a great sense of occasion. and this occasion is not his fan meeting, so he’s not the star of the event/occasion. there are many other stars invited to the event and he should not snatch all the attention by being his usual electric self. turning the event into a jks event wd not be gd. that explains why he’s subdued.

    but, he still looked tired, which is becos of his hectic schedule.

    i’m sure he’ll perk up when he’s the star again during the b’kok fanmeeting! always giving his best!

  14. Oh godddd,, like this suit soooooo… much^^
    also,his hairstyle is great ,,here he’s very cool & dandy….like like like…
    but he’s a little tired ;( I hope he’ll soon wannabe & happy…

    • Thanks tenshi san, this is a better version with lyrics ^_^ Yup, Sukkie prince reading classic The Little Prince!

      • QQeyes007, Sorry I missed your previous post… ^^;

        Well, I’m sure JKS is not only a prince on the earth, but in the universe!!!!

      • ^_^ sure, he is always the one & only one Prince for eel fans like us and sometimes, sometimes I’m speechless on his charms as I never come across anyone like him so naturally charming, talented & kind. Really hopeless as I’m infected with JKS virus forever…and so nice to find many eels here with the same “infection” LOL…

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