[Personal] Confession of a JKS addict


Ok, I’ve got a sin to confess …after the upset of the Taipei Cri Show ticket sales and despite the consolation of the Kuala Lumpur Cri Show, I did a very impulsive thing today – I recalled a Veron posting here that she’s going by herself to Bangkok FM, which got me thinking, hey, can I tag along with her? And once the seed is planted, er I had no way of stopping the thought from sprouting, and one thing leads to another, so this afternoon I bought the Bangkok Cri Show standing ticket and booked my travel arrangements – all done!

And the most amazing thing is, tickets are still available for the Bangkok Cri Show!! Half the standing zone is available and even the highest-priced 5,000 baht tickets are still available. I know it’s very late of me to share how to order the Bangkok FM tickets, as I didn’t really pay attention to it earlier, so this may come very very late … The ticketing website is in English, you need to create an account, you can opt to collect tickets a few hours before the Show starts at their collection outlets below – their whole ticketing process is a breeze compared to Taiwan … Taiwan ticketing website has lots to learn from their Thai counterpart (as befits the “complaint queen” nature of a Singaporean, I shall write to Taiwanese ticketing website to give them a piece of my mind)

Total Reservation outlets:

Branch / Location / Daily Service Time

IMPACT Muang Thong Thani (FM venue) / Challenger 3, near KFC shop / 09.00 – 19.00
The Emporium / 3rd floor, near the elevator and Internet café zone /10.30 – 21.30
Siam Paragon / Ground floor, neat to Customer Relation counter / 10.30 – 21.30
BTS Mochit / Opposite Oishi Express / 08.00 – 20.00
BTS Victory Monument / the walkway to Century Department Store / 08.00 – 20.00
The Mall Thaphra / 1st floor, Mobile zone / 11.00 – 21.30
The Mall Ngamwongwan / 1st floor, near Se-Ed Book center / 10.30 – 21.30
The Mall Bangkapi / 2nd floor, near Siam Commercial Bank / 10.30 – 21.30
The Mall Bangkae / 2nd floor, opposite DTAC Shop / 10.30 – 21.30
The Mall Ramkhamhaeng / 1st floor, at the Event Hall 1 opposite Standard Chartered Bank / 10.30 – 21.30

Due to all that Korean and Thai, any conversation at the FM will be lost on me … so I just plan to gaze at JKS for 2 hours and listen to his lovely voice…. Beautiful weekend, here I come!! (erm, are the Thais very strict about forbidding cameras in the venue? …)

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  1. Now! You really make me die of envy! Enjoy the trip, this might be a better show than taipei. Enjoy the place as well, enjoy the food and happy shopping too:D we’ll just wait for pics and vids 🙂

  2. aphrael77, really envy you as if not because of my working schedule, I would like to go with you to Shanghai Cri-Show too! ^_^ oh… just a reminder for travel to Bangkok, don’t wear red or yellow shirt (my company travel alert this time for our business trip to Thailand as that is the “sensitive” colours now), just stay together with other eels in group ok.

    • ok, thanks so much for the travel tip! I didn’t know about that (politically related?) – I’ll remember not to pack red or yellow 🙂

      • And the luggages! Don’t check in impt items such as laptops, cam etc. Had bad experience at bangkok airport. My huby’s shoes that i put in the luggage side pocket was lost. My friend’s laptop was taken from her padlocked luggage, there goes her one week’s worth of photos and videos

  3. Welcome to Thailand, aphrael77. The weather is really hot here. Be prepared !!! Hope you have a great time here ^^

    • ladymoon, you are from Thailand?! S’pore is as hot as Thailand, I shall hide in air-conditioned places… haha!

      Is JKS’ schedule in Thailand out yet? such as the venue and time for his autograph session?
      … have not heard anything other than he’ll reach Bangkok on Thurs 26 May night and depart on Sunday 29th night ….

      • Exclusive Moment with JKS (The press conference+fan signing+photo taking session) will be held on Friday, May 27th at Grand Hall, 1st Fl., Siam Discovery Centre from 5.00 – 9.00 PM. This is the rough details from 411. Nothing more than this. So I don’t post further detail yet in my blog. I will, when the full details coming out . Yes, SG is also hot ^^ I’ve gone there too last month.

    • that’s cos of your brood of little chickens! 🙂

      I was telling Carol that in exchange for my freedom now, I’m facing a bleak retirement age when I have no children by my side to care for me! : p

      • Haha, here everyone is dying of envy you. Wish you have a safe, pleasant and very very enjoyable trip.

  4. Aphrael!!!!! You are really a true die hard fan of JKS lah! Hahaha! 😀
    Didn’t expect you to really go for his Thailand FM! *Salute you* Hehehe! ;p
    And i am dying of envy now….. arghhh!! If only my work schedule permits, i WANNA GO TOO!!! 🙁

    Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow! Hope you have a great time looking at JKS and enjoy his sexy voice again. hehee!

  5. Wah jealous jealous jealous!!! You better write us another fan account when you return! And take LOTS of pix to soothe us! Aiyoh!!! Really can’t stand it! Just thinking of Lounge H and imagining him prancing & jumping & dancing & pouring water on himself……aphrael, you’re cruel!! I’m gonna sulk & cry….

    • ok…. will try to smuggle my cam in …. if Sukkie sees me in the standing zone with a camera…..do u think I’ll be hauled up/out and taken to task? ……….

  6. Way 2 go,gals.Ahpreal n Ladymoon,wish I could join u2…….(envy,envy,envy)……Will standby here all day 2 check out yr updates in Bangkok.

  7. Aphrael, i really really look up to you! One of the best Eels there are in the World! Enjoy your trip and keep us posted on the show okei?:) are they still sellimg jks merchandise in there too? ^_^

    • er… can I just add something…. i think all the eels who love Sukkie are all the best! 😀

      yup, they are selling JKS merchandise but almost the same variety….

      • Ivy, if they are selling the same merchandise at the BBK FM, can you buy for me the same notebook ( the one with plenty of cute never-seen-before picture diary, about S$30+?) that you got at the the SG fan meeting? I don’t know why, but I seem to have acquired this taste of buying all things Jang Keun Suk.

        Anyway, finally managed to surface from the last two weeks of hectic work. Amazing that you are going for the BKK FM! I STRONGLY recommend that you arrange for private, secured transportation (like book the hotel limo for a few hours) to take you to the FM, wait there until the end and take you back to hotel. The FM venue is distant, way, way, way out of BBK city centre and presumably the FM will end late. Since you cannot speak or read Thai, taking public transport especially taxi will be risky. I wouldn’t do it even if I could speak some Thai myself. Do take extra care.

      • here’s the driver/taxi we were lucky to get last time we went to bkk. he’s a very trustworthy driver and doesn’t charge much. i hope he still has the same number.

        mr somboon praperttikul (086) 9765943

  8. Enjoy your trip! If only I have enough VLs, I would’ve gone to BKK as well… I think I have to be satisfied with one cri show this year.. Hopefully next year I can attend 2 or 3 😀

    • afraid not …. don’t have internet on my mobile phone … best I can do is a few hours after the event …..

  9. Aphrael, as mentioned to you earlier….. make sure you dance together with JKS since you will be standing. Gotha getcha….gotha getcha… gotha getcha…. Be prepared with a pair of comfortable shoe. If can’t do recording never mind, just enjoy your FM & make sure you dun blink your eyes in order to see each moment of him……… since you make such a “daring” last minute decision 🙂 Take care of your safety, yo!

  10. wow, I am really amazed & impressed by your decision… I had these kind of thoughts too after failing to buy Taiwan tickets and was so upset that I wanted to go BKK too.. especially when I surf their ticketing website and realise they still have seats for the most expensive one… but thinking that I will be alone there, & not knowing how to speak Thail, I backed out… ahhh if I know you are also doing that, I will follow u!!!!
    haha… I wanted to go Thail and grab all his new Ole sweets.. the new packaging are soooo nice…
    Oh no, the impulsive thoughts are back again…..

    • er… I’m acting the role of the little red devil again … (hee hee)… if u have the budget, go for it! Flights running out fast, book today! Accompany me!!

  11. firstly, let me salute you! you are truly a die-hard eel!!
    enjoy yourself in BKK and gimme another great FA 😉
    will you be attending the Msia’s show as well?

  12. I salute you !!! Don’t bother with recording, just Enjoy our prince’s charismatic and energetic performance. Come back and give us a whopping Fan Account will do : ) !!

  13. Aphrael, have a great time during the BKK FM. If possible, please give us a detailed account of your 2nd encounter with JKS when you get back. Take care!

  14. go go! can’t wait to see the posts of this event. miss him so! aphrael, send JKS our hugs and kisses! lotsa! haha. 😀

    • haha~! if i can hug him on behalf of all of you, that’s even better, right? let me count, how many hugs is that? XD

      • For me, just one and never let go, I’ll apply special superglue on my bodice! Oh wait, can I apply on my lips too? Lol!!!

        Ps: do note that I want to do the above on my own, without a representative… You can just take & post his gorgeous pic though…

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