10 thoughts on “[CF] Lotte DFS”

  1. E-city 825 on starhub is screening YAB at 8am…..well, coffee with JKS is not that bad idea. chores are pushed aside for now.

    • Thanks, wap!! that … is an interesting read ….
      I don’t know what to say about this though … it’s mainly a fashion / style critique of JKS, isn’t it?
      We’ve explained away about that see-through top at Samsung GP Player though, it was meant to be a crown …

      JKS can experiment whatever he likes with his attire – shock us or stun us… but in the end, anyone who judges JKS based on what he wears is simply not seeing the real person underneath ….

      • agreed ^_^ being a professional actor, he has to try on different roles, different hairstyles, different fashion style & I guess he is one who dares to try out even he has his own preference & he knows there will be critics or bad press.. I guess that make him stand out as a total artist & entertainer..

  2. Fashion wise, all i can say is he’s very brave. And since he’s soooo handsome he can get away with it, even though there are times i cringe on his outfit. Lol!


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