[Whereabouts] 22 May 2011 …

Credits: KeunSukChina & Sukbar

Erm…. I swear I’m not a stalker, but since other people have posted pics of JKS’ whereabouts today, hope it’s not too wrong of me to re-post pics here. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday, Sukkie!

Below from JKS’ friend’s Twitter: “The weather is good, but it’s Sunday so fast. At paper garden.”
张根硕全球中文网:[KSC]根硕友人推特更新:天气真好,不过这么快就星期天了,在paper garden照的根硕和锡镇


Below: JKS at Hanyang University’s anniversary celebration – friends’ gathering


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  1. did you guys notice, he always put off his make-up and glamour clothes when he around his friends, he even not like a FAMOUS Artist there …..i love to see it ^^


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