22 thoughts on “Wallpapers Freebie 11: From Heaven”

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the 3rd pic is extremely sexy……..by showing part of his shoulder. i’m always ready with kwan loong ointment and vick antime with me. So i’m not worried being fainted hahaha. Aphrael, I noticed u extremely like JKS with sexy look (expecially with his hair wet !!), right?

  2. Haha can add that in my office – “Wall of Fame for JFK”
    This will add up to abt more than 20s of his picture.
    Looking at him makes our day

  3. QQ, thx for your vid….. he is so natural in front of the camera. Like his “wet look” part. Beautiful and hansome….. Now I wonder actually YAB is referring to Kwang Tae Kyung or Go mi Nam ! haha


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