19 thoughts on “JKS iPhone App updates”

    • Tenshi, till now the movie and event pages are empty….is this bcos I’m not an official member of his fanclub? I know he posted a vid before but it has been removed.

      • Me neither.
        But I think it has no connection to access the whole contents whether I am an official member of Korean Fan Club or not (I’m an official member of Japanese Fan Club though) .

        I can’t see any videos and event information but I think it’s OK.
        Because the previous post was seemed a test.

        As you know, the app is sill unstable.
        So keep waiting for the update ^^

      • I’ve just started up the app, again it doesn’t work well….
        Now I cannot send him message and cannot see any photos…
        On the other hand, I can see an event information but it’s Korean so I cannot read it at all… 🙁
        I hope my friend can help me.

      • Tenshi, mine too!
        We keep sending msgs but he doesn’t reply. But he responds when we rqst pics of his new haircut by posting pic the foll day. So technically he does ‘reply’

      • One of my Japanese friends helped me to translate it!!
        “The Event Information” means “NOTICE”, and it said “Because of maintaining the app you have to log off and log in again, then you can see the photos”.
        After following the directions, I can see the photos again ^^

    • tenshi_akuma do you mean you actually message JKS?!?! OMG he must get everyone saying they LOVE him and stuff… I wish I can message him too!

      • jetstar07,
        We can send a short message such as “Good night and see you soon in my dream ^^”, “Your new hairstyle matches you so much” technically.
        But so many eels post the messages, so I don’t know how JKS reads the comment..

      • Omg thats so amazing! I m sooooooooo jealous if only I could leave him a msg! But I m sure he gets like thousands of msg from all the eels!

  1. bummer! he’s endorsing android phones and he developed iPhone apps 🙁 can’t find any version for android. boohoo!

    • Hi wap,
      I think the release of JKS’ Android app will be delayed, because even his iPhone app still has some bugs… Please keep waiting 🙂

  2. so cute^_^ น่ารักอะ คงจะเหนื่อยงานเยอะมากสินะ พักผ่อนบ้างนะ


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