[News] Jang Keun Suk’s 1st official merchandise store at Shibuya, Japan


Increasingly popular in Japan, Korean actor-cum-singer Jang Keun Suk’s first official shop in Japan will open from 3 June to 27 June 2011 in Shibuya, Japan, at Parco1 level 7 at a designated area with 180 square metres.

At this official shop, not only can fans buy the usual JKS merchandise, they also have a chance to buy limited items. In order to fulfil fans’ wishes, the venue will also display photo-books and videos previously undisclosed, as well as JKS’ personal items. Staff are still working on how best to showcase the limited items at the venue and say that fans can even buy JKS’ personal items.

JKS says that he is very happy to open his first, exclusive merchandise store in Japan. “Hope that everyone can take this chance to get to know me better. I hope to come to Japan soon to meet everyone.”

The commercial for a certain brand of rice wine that JKS has acted in is now showing frequently on major TV stations in Japan, and his debut single “Let me cry” has not been the champion on Oricon weekly chart but also achieved an accumulated sales of 150,000 to date. On 20 May, TBS will broadcast “Marry me Mary” in addition to having announced on 17 May that they will make a reproduction of JKS’ popular work “You are Beautiful”. When JKS’ official store opens in June, his popularity in Japan is expected to increase further.

Another point worth mentioning is that YAB received overwhelming response after being aired on Fuji TV last year from 20 July to 10 August, and after that, the TV station received more than 10,000 enquiries requesting for a repeat broadcast. YAB has been aired in Japan for as many as 4 times already.

Source: Sohu Entertainment

日本人气急升中的韩国演员兼歌手张根硕在日本的首个official shop将在6月3日-27日期间限定开店,地点设在东京涉谷PARCO1的7楼——一个有180平方米的特设会场。
  张根硕出演的某品牌米酒CM正在日本各大电视台热播中,4月27日发行的日本出道曲《Let me cry》不仅获得公信榜周榜冠军,迄今的累积销量已经突破15万张。5月20日,TBS电视台将播出他和文根英主演的《玛丽外宿中》,而TBS也在17日宣布翻拍他的大热作《都是美男》。“6月官方店在涉谷开张的话,想必能更提升他在日本的受欢迎度”。

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    • I went to see the special edition of YAB on the first day. I posted the comment about my review somewhere here, but I couldn’t find out so I’ll review it again.

      It was much greater than I had expected.
      Because it was edited only 2 hours, so I thought it impossible…
      But after watching I thought the editor did a great job!!

      Of course, many scenes(especially the episodes about Yoo He Yi and Hwang Tae-kyung’s mother) had to be omitted but it was acceptable enough.

      Just seeing Hwang Tae-kyung on a big screen made me satisfied and go crazy XD

      To be honest, I got so nervous before seeing the movie… For me it was similar to go to JKS’ show. So I dressed up just going to the theater… as if I could see JKS in person.

      If I have a chance to see real JKS, I’m afraid what happen to me…

      • Tks tenshi for filling me in! We hv to alert Sukkie that he’s the cause of a major fainting syndrome amongst his eels… I wonder if anybody suffers from nose bleed…? Perhaps Suk can kiss us all awake??? What say you guys?

      • Oh, and I wish they will make the YAB movie into DVDs… im sure they will right? Hopefully ASAP! Can’t wait!

      • yeah!! wish they will make the movie into dvd, and import them to sg. hohoho! i will def buy!!!

      • Wow! Thanks tenshi for sharing with us your experience & thoughts on YAB movie. 🙂

        Ahhhh, really envy you tenshi. 🙂 How i wish i am in Japan now so that i can watch YAB movie and visit JKS official merchandise store at Shibuya.

        Yea! Agree with F1968, they should release the YAB movie to DVDs! And 200% confirm i will buy the dvd! hahaha! 😀

        And yes, i think i am getting nose bleed pretty soon. Fainting is too
        Faint —> Nose bleed —> Faint —> Nose bleed —> Faint
        Wahahaha! 😀

      • Hi girls,
        Probably the movie will be released to DVD, but honestly I recommend seeing it only on a big-screen!!!
        Because most of hearbreaking scenes are omitted, so to enjoy YAB fully I recommend seeing the drama, I just enjoy seeing Hwang Tae-kyung(JKS!) close-up!!!!
        *faint many times*

        Of course, the movie is so short that it is convenient for us to watch it repeatedly, again and again, endless Hwang Tae-kyung and A.N.JELL ^^

        I’m planning to take a day off to go to the official shop because it must be so crowded on weekends, less crowded on weekdays… I hope.

      • Ahhhhh….. tenshi!!! Please bring me to the shop!! Please Please Please! hehehe! 🙂
        If possible, can you take some photos/videos of the shop to show us?? ;p
        Hope you enjoy your JKS shopping spree when there. 🙂

      • Oh thank x 1000 to you!!!! I was wondering how that movie was going to be! I want to see it so badly!!

      • Thanks…really appreciate your sharing as I think the feeling is the same as when we watch clips of YAB on big screen during the Cri-Show S’pore last month, all eels will laugh together & so fun watching together with the big screen… and with Sukkie on stage with that HTK image, really can faint! (I’m afraid to sit in front few rows as I might not take it…LOL)

      • QQ, u can’t take from hvg a bad crick in yr neck! Lol!!! I would reserve the loveseat! Can reenact the smooching couple scene when HTK & GMN went for tt late night movie….

      • Do inform once the movie available in u tube or dvd is out, ya. But i dun think it will b shown in KL cinema 🙁

      • hi tenshi, agreed that your review was nowhere to be found here, so kindly review it again dear n please do it soon..could hardly wait 😀

  1. Lol! I think i have to shed some extra baggage, with all the fainting that’s going to happen, nobody would want to help carry me coz i’m heavy. Hahaha!

  2. I need to go to that shop too! is there other korean stars shops in Japan? or is sukkie’s the first to open his own exclusive one?

    thanks so much tenshi for sharing your thoughts. I hope you can bring some photos from sukkie’s shop to us if when you go there ^^

  3. Thanks for sharing all the information about YAB….really wish that I could watch the movie at cinema…i think i can’t watch many many times….


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