[News flash] “Marry me Mary” tops Korean drama TV ratings in Taiwan

On a survey conducted on the 15 – 44 age group, the viewership rating for “Marry me Mary” (M3) on 11 May is as high as 1.09%, and secures the top position for Korean drama viewership ratings in Taiwan.

Ratings figures for reference

* According to Korean media, 0.5% in Taiwan is equivalent to 20% in Korea (source: news.hankooki)

For the previous Korean drama aired, its highest rating was 0.87% and average rating is 0.53%.

Other Korean dramas’ rating in Taiwan:
“Playful Kiss” 0.5%
“IRIS” 0.3%
“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” 0.3%

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韩媒说台湾0.5 = 韩国 20的收视 (FROM:news.hankooki)
< IRIS > 0.3%
<我的女友是九尾狐> 0.3%

14 thoughts on “[News flash] “Marry me Mary” tops Korean drama TV ratings in Taiwan”

  1. As expected our Prince J made it.
    Congrats – you are really very popular and wining the hearts of your fans. Hope to see more of you in your coming dramas.

  2. ohhhh…such a great news….
    this drama is really good…i watched it 5 times now *take note* ONLINE because i don’t know where can i download it…
    —if somebody can help me where can i download all the dramas of JKS????tnx in advance…

    i hope MSOAN has a same feedback in japan..

    • When I first saw the thriller of this drama I was so intrigued & excited to watch it soon bcoz it was kind of unic & MGY was the female lead (I love all MGY’s project). I didnt even know anything about JKS then (even though I’ve watch his movies Baby&me and Doremifasol before but I just didnt pay attention to the cast). Bcoz of MGY that I come to know JKS, & recognize his talent too. I got crazy to watch the drama repeatedly so I look for it on YT & I got this link. U can try this link (the cutest RomCom drama ever)

      • Honestly Capt….. In my case, MGY came first to my heart….. & JKS came along bcoz of her….
        He’s become my second favorite male actor now (after Lee Byung Hun).
        Sorry, No actor in Korea can beat MGY & LBH in the highest place in my heart, but love JKS anyhow….. waaayyy much better than any other actors that is….

      • the 1st Korean actor I used to like is Lee Byung Hun… was happy that he acted in the Hollywood movie GI Joe … now it’s just JKS of course, but I don’t deny that LBH is a very good actor.
        Think JKS has also mentioned before that he admires LBH as an actor!

      • Yes… He mentioned it
        & he mentioned it again in Baeksang Award when he bcome announcer along with MGY…
        LBH is not multitalented as JKS (JKS beat LBH there), but in terms of acting talent, for me there’s no actors in Korea can beat LBH yet… he’s topping my list in acting.
        But for multitalent, looks & very friendly to fans…. JKS is THE ONE….. & so independent at such a young age…I admire him for that… He’s different from other actors…

    • Hi icajgs …. try this link
      …you have to create an account first and login. search for JKS dramas and download….
      ….JKS is really addictive. once you start to watch his dramas you’ll never stop it’s like you’re hypnotized by his charm…

  3. the geun geun couple really played their role very well that’s why they can really gain much attention to people especially teenagers. even here in the philippines Mary me Mary will be aired soon because of the many requests of many Filipino fans. More blessings for Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young also known as the GEUN GEUN COUPLE my favorite Couple Forever. =)


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