[News] Jang Keun Suk’s multi-sided charm invades Japan

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Jang Keun Suk’s charm invades Japan – Jap media compliments his multi-sided charm

13 May 2011 – Korean star Jang Keun Suk’s debut single “Let me cry” topped the Oricon weekly sales chart upon its release, making JKS the only overseas artiste to achieve this feat in history. The splendid results from his first entry onto the Japanese music scene has served to increase his reputation accumulated from “You are Beautiful” (YAB), as well as made the Korean media look at JKS in a new light and start to analyze the reasons for the “Jang Keun Suk” effect in Japan.

Japan Fuji TV’s star programme “Hey! Hey! Hey!” had an interview with JKS and to increase viewership, the interview was spread out over 2 weeks. Their afternoon drama slot is currently airing YAB for the third time, becoming the overseas drama with the most number of repeat broadcasts. TBS will air “Marry me Mary” from 20 May, another drama starring JKS. A strong competitor to Fuji and TBS, Japan TV is not lagging behind – “Sukkiri”, its morning general news programme, aired a special 19-minute feature “New Hallyu IKEMAN Jang Keun Suk” on 12 May, analyzing the reasons why 23 year old JKS has become Japan’s brightest Hallyu star. “Sukkiri” points out that besides the two known external reasons of JKS’ acting skill being honed since his high school days and his singing prowess, Jang Keun Suk’s gender-neutral sexiness and his consideration and sincerity towards fans and fellow workers are his internal characteristics that account for his gradual transition to the ranks of Hallyu superstars.

Just walk into any bookstore in Tokyo, in the Korean section, more than half the magazines have JKS on the cover. After JKS-endorsed Suntory makkori commercial aired on major TV stations in Japan, Suntory sales for the past 2 months have jumped, selling around 7,000,000 bottles.

“AN AN”, the Japanese magazine most popular among Japanese young women, initially only decided to do an interview with JKS for one issue, but after the chief editor saw JKS’ excellent photos at the set, she could not bear to just insert the photos as part of the interview, so she made the risky decision to put JKS on the cover page, with his photos and interview as a main selling point. Never did the magazine think that their sales for that issue was 30% more than usual (280,000 copies). “AN AN” editor expressed that despite this issue being released only 2 weeks after Japan’s big earthquake and the whole of Japan was in a self-restrictive mood, sales was not only unaffected but in fact better. The editor pointed out JKS’ unique characteristic: his gender-neutral sexiness which was different from the previous, main-stream male Hallyu stars who emphasized on masculinity. And JKS is only 23 years old; in future, he has many more charms yet to be discovered.

GAM magazine prepared a special JKS-devoted magazine “Cri-J” with 4 issues over a year. GAM editor said during an interview , “Since the second half of last year, all the news on JKS received much attention. At that time, we felt that he would become extremely popular soon, so we planned this special magazine for him.” She revealed that GAM has two other magazines introducing other big-shot Hallyu stars and general Korean entertainment news, but Cri-J’s sales volume is about 5 times more.

“Sukkiri” interviewed manager Kim Byung Gun who has supported JKS for more than 6 years. Kim says that it is very hard to define JKS’ charm. “His charm lies in his unpredictability. JKS has domestic pastimes such as reading and cooking. He also enjoys the usual guys’ activities such as driving. Not only is JKS considerate towards his fans, he also takes care of his fellow workers. “Sukkiri” points out that JKS’ agent company only has one artiste, which is JKS himself. It is a “family-style” company that is not big, but JKS treats all workers nicely. Manager Kim reveals that once, the workers were working late in the company and “JKS brought food that he personally cooked to thank them for working late, which made everyone feel very touched.”

Interestingly, a new name was brought out by “Sukkiri” programme – Keun-yang. The media rarely uses this honorific way of addressing someone in Japan (usually reserved for big-shot stars like Bae Yong-joon), which indicates that JKS has been included in the ranks of popular Hallyu stars. But fans complained that it sounds awkward; after all, JKS is young, and adding “yang” after his name loses a sense of friendliness.

A few secrets of JKS were also revealed in “Sukkiri”, such as the Japanese actors that JKS admires most are Takuya Kimura and Jo Odagiri, the director he admires most is Takeshi Kitano. A Korean reporter also reveals that JKS’ nickname in Korea is 조노인 jou-nou-in* (which means a young oldish man, being too mature for his age), because although he is only aged 23, he started in showbiz since 5 years old and thus he is more mature than his peers and always so considerate towards people around him.

In Jan this year, JKS was filming the MV for Every Little Thing (JKS’ big fan Kaori Mochida had flown personally to Korea to invite JKS to participate in the MV). At that time, all the workers including Kaori Mochida were feeling very tired because of the tight schedule and the atmosphere was quite down, JKS suddenly said to Kaori, “Mochida-san, actually, I like biscuits very much.” (The pronunciation of ‘biscuit’ in Japanese is the same as the word 持in Mochida’s name). Everyone present burst out laughing at JKS’ attempt to joke. The programme host complimented JKS on being able to say this kind of similar-pronunciation joke which even Japanese may not think of, and that JKS indeed has the potential to become Keun-yang.

If saying that JKS is the first overseas artiste to create the record of being number 1 on Oricon chart in his debut single’s first week of sale is still not enough to understand the situation, another way of realizing the aggressive momemtum of JKS’ development in Japan is that even including Japanese singers, JKS is the only one in 30 years after Kondō Masahiko to achieve this feat. Of course, everything is double-edged. Such a high-level starting point will definitely increase the stress on JKS – the expectations for the box office results of movie “You’re my Pet” and the sales for JKS’ next single will be much higher. As what the Korean media have commented, whether JKS is a Hallyu superstar or meteor (i.e. flashes out of sight fast), only time will tell.

* Translator’s note: I may have gotten the Korean nickname wrong but the meaning is there.

张根硕魅力侵袭日本 日媒赞其是魅力多面体
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韩国男星张根硕的日本出道单曲《Let me cry》初登场即获得公信榜周榜冠军,令他成为史上第一位创下此纪录的海外艺人。进军日本歌坛的第一张成绩单如此漂亮不仅令他继《都是美男》积淀的人气后,在日本的知名度更加UP,也使得韩国本土的媒体对其刮目相看,纷纷撰文剖析日本产生“张根硕效应”的原因。


  随意走进东京的一家书店,在韩流系杂志一栏中,张根硕当封面人物的杂志占了大半。代言的三得利米酒广告在日本各大电视台播出后,近两个月的销量大涨,约卖出700万瓶。堪称最受日本年轻女生欢迎的《AN AN》原本只是打算做张根硕的一期专访,“但主编在拍照现场看到张根硕状态出奇的好,实在舍不得割爱(只把照片当访问的插图),于是作出了让张根硕担任这期杂志封面人物(照片、专访主打)这个冒险的决定,没想到那期的销量比平常增长30%(约28万部)”《AN AN》杂志的编辑矢部光树子表示尽管张根硕当封面人物的这期杂志的发行时间是东日本大地震发生的两周后——日本全国都处于“自肃”(自我约束相关的娱乐活动)的氛围中,但销量不仅没有受到影响反而更好。矢部指出张根硕的中性SEXY和“以往主打阳刚男人味的韩流男星有所不同,并且他还只有23岁,将来有太多的魅力有待挖掘”。



今年1月拍摄日本人气组合Every Little Thing新歌的MV时(该合作也是组合主唱——张根硕的big fan持田香织亲自造访韩国请张根硕出演的),“当时包括持田等一众工作人员都因档期太紧的缘故,累得够呛,气氛有些低沉,张根硕突然向持田冒出一句‘持田桑,实际上,我很喜欢饼(‘饼’的日文发音和‘持田’的‘持’一样)’,当场的所有人都被他的冷笑话逗得爆笑起来”该节目众主持赞“能说出这样的谐音笑话,即便是日本人也不容易想到,他的确有成为‘Keun样’的潜质”。


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  1. wow cool! im really glad that he is so popular in Japan! I wish im in japan now, where in a bookstore, most of the mags have his face on the cover, and i can buy all those mags!!! hehehe i know i am crazy, but who is not charmed by him?

    btw does anyone know where to buy the Cri J magazine? i dont think kinokuniya will have.

  2. oh so admiring..
    its rarely to see that a super star handsome guy knows how to cook…
    ^_^ and he also cooked for his crew…Fantastic..
    i wish i could have some taste of his dishes…hmmmmm…. how i wish ‘_’…

  3. He is a Hallyu Superstar. Glad to know how popular he is in Japan – thanks to all you guys there for supporting him. Hope for your continuous support and make Korean media remarks about him wrong coz he is not a meteor but REAL DAIMOND always sparkling and very precious. Eeel all over the world will also support you.

  4. LOL…young oldish man!!! I always feel that he speaks like old matured man though he is only 23 yrs old & now I finally I found out from this news that many in Korea think in the same way as the reporter said so ^_^ he is unique to me as I like to hear him talk..he can sound matured at times like old man, with humour & suddenly he can switch to a cute boy..really unpredictable!!!

    • that’s why he’s so cute and intriguing! in addition to his looks and talents, he’s got depth to his character and different sides of his personality. And his character! Warm, fun, sincere, caring, frank … this unique combination that is JKS is what has won him undying devotion from all of us!! 🙂

      • Wow! Thanks Aphrael for the translation! 🙂
        Yes!! Totally agreed with you eels here! Love JKS for all his hardwork and his unique combination of personality.
        I really lost words to describe this brightest star! OMG!
        I am loving him even more & more until i dunno where the limits are!! hehee! 🙂

  5. I like the way how his mgr described JKS, he is really quite unpredictable & unique, so funnie & heartwarming how he made the biscuit joke to ease the atmosphere 🙂

  6. have i mentioned on earlier interview post??ok i’ll said it once again:
    * gee how could i lost out words to describe this guy ^^

  7. Sukkie is like a sun…the brightest star in the universe as he is full of sunshine that brighten many with big smiles ^_^

  8. A few secrets of JKS were also revealed in “Sukkiri”, such as the Japanese actors that JKS admires most are Takuya Kimura…..

    omo…omo…for longggg time before i knew JKS i big fan of Kimura Takuya, i even thought that he is The Young Kimura Takuya whose multi-talented everything they doing is great result; acting, singing, dancing, MC, CF, model ….i surprised that the fact JKS also admire KT because in 1of his interviewed he said he LIKE Masaharu Fukuyama who sing original version of I WILL PROMISE YOU (MMM ost) …he even said the way Masaharu F acting and sing quite same like him, whoaaaaa it’s a great info for me personally :p :p :p

  9. thanks again aphrael for all the translations.. love JKS so much.. knowing him more is equal to loving him more.. he’s really great in all his achievements and popularity he still humble himself that’s why he is very bless..


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