“You’re my Pet” filming schedule

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13 May, 5.00 pm – Praying ceremony [all crew attending]
14 May – Preparation
15 May – Filming starts
16/17 May – Rest days
18 to 20 May – Filming

There will be weekly schedule updates. Out of 50 scenes to film, three will be at Kobe, Japan where strong local assistance has been pledged and also because it matches with JKS’ schedule. The majority of the scenes to be filmed in Japan will now be done in Korea.

In May, all filming will be done in Seoul and from June, in other parts of Korea as well. At the end of June, there is a filming break of 2 weeks to accommodate Kim Ha-neul’s promotion of her other movie. Expected filming dates in Japan are in early August.

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13日下午5点,在狎鸥亭所在的production ludens进行告祀。演员,工作人员全体参加。

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14 thoughts on ““You’re my Pet” filming schedule”

  1. Is it true that three scenes are going to be shot in Kobe, Japan?????
    I’ve never heard the news before….
    Ibaraki is the last spot, probably in August…

  2. where in Korea or Japan?

    Aphrael your so lucky your going to see JKS in KL next month I am so jealous! wish I could be there too

      • Kuala Lumpur FM is on Sat 4 June, autograph session on 5 June (autograph tickets long sold out, but at least one gets to see JKS).

        VVIP ticket is sold out. For VIP, you have to email Rhythm Land, bank transfer or remit money to them, wait a few days for their reply / confirmation etc.
        Time consuming.

        A faster way is to buy Gold / Silver / Bronze tickets at the ticketing website.

        Pls refer to this post: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=4058

      • Tks 4 the link,it’s truely informative.I get really envy that u gals r all going.Aphreal, u r a True DieHeart eel.Just caurious 2 know how many FM u attended so far? How many time u have met Sukie in person?I don’ t know much about him until MMM.I went 2 see Cri Show in HK n it was fun.Do they put on the same show on tour in different countries?

      • hi jjones,

        U went for the HK Cri Show?!! Argh!!! envy you! That show was really fantastic!! * cries *
        I didn’t go for that one, which I could have gone cos the Chinese fansites had a pre-order for HK Cri Show.
        since the HK show was 1 week after Singapore, I thought it was too close and I should have enough of JKS to last me for some time. but boy, was i wrong … really regretted not going….

        have been a fan since Oct 2010, so Singapore FM is the only one I’ve attended so far. It was a dream come true for me to see Sukkie in person there.
        Did u see JKS at his HK autograph session at the mall? He’s truly glorious in person! XD

        I am confirmed going to Kuala Lumpur FM, and will attempt to buy Taipei FM tickets.
        I say “attempt” because i may not be able to get tickets …. the venue is not that big in the first place, there are many Taiwanese eels who are super desperate to get tickets and super worried that they cannot get it, what more to mention me from overseas hoping that their ticketing website does not hang like last year ….

        i think it’s mostly the same show, though they may tweak some parts of it

  3. I’m so happy with the progress of YMP. I hope the movie comes out Mid November so I can see it in Seoul 😀

    All the best to YMP team!

  4. Aphrael, nice talk’g 2u.So I’m guess’g u r Singaporean?

    No, I didn’t meet him in person. I guess I wouldn’t know what 2 say 2 him if I meet him.So what was the first thing u said 2 him when u saw him 4 the 1st time in person? (except u r gorgious, haha….of course he is). He’s just someone who would make yr heart feels warm when u see him smiles. I’ve never met anyone else 2 make me feel this way n he truly is an Angel fm heaven:) So I couldn’t picture what he’d like when he gets mad (some articles which u posted b4 about fans tak’g pic when he asked not 2).

    If u will happen 2 see him again in KL,pls tell him 2 just focus on his works which we eels r appreciated very much w/his hard work.No worry about the outcome 4 the time being, cz time will tell the truth n his hard work will get pay off in the future.Am I right, Cri?!

    • Yes, S’porean. I saw him but was part of a crowd. Simply no chance to say anything to JKS!

      I’m afraid you’ll have to find another way to convey your message to him…. apologies abt that!

      • No worry,just enjoy yr time u gonna spend w/him in KL. Who knows what may happen when u see him this time.Will keep read’g yr blog about his news.It does look a little complicated 2 join his fansclub since everyth’g is in Korean.So pls keep up the good work n all the best in KL trip.

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