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      • LOL …. agree to JKS first and think about others later : D

        omg… just looking at him in a formal suit and holding flowers… no girl can resist him …..

    • hahaha.. he often praised someone, and then added “i’m just kidding”
      so, if he really proposed me, i would say, “look into my eyes, and say it again”

  1. D immediate answer frm our hubby here is…. divorce lol..being so crazy for JKS hahaha. That’s what my hubby & girls sd abt me. I think one day i will go mad. Morning listen to his song on way to work,then c him when i on my pc (coz jks is my desktop screensaver + a small poster pin on my partition,furthermore start my breakfast w aphreal blog….. si liao. I’m not a fan of anybody before,dun know how can this things happen in my life ha! Anyone knows? Mayb i need to chg my name to crazyjks2 after crazyoverjks

    • Carol70 i think u should b crazyoverjks2 & i can b 3!

      I knw I have never been addicted 2 any stars like I have on JKS I mean I jst watch YAB earlyarch found out he was having FM in Singapore so I book tkts & went! Its so crazy I knw ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hahahaha!! Carol you are so funny! ^o^
      And guess what! I have more or less the same schedule as you!
      On my way to work, i will update myself with JKS news & pics on facebook via my iphone.
      Once reached office while eating my breakfast i will look at aphrael’s blog.
      Once i get down to my work, i will plug in my earphones to listen to all JKS songs! Hehehe! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And i can repeat his songs non-stop the whole day! I just love listening to his voice! His deep sexy voice gives me motivation at work! Hehe!
      On my way home after work, same thing! Update thru iphone again.
      Reached home turn on my lappy and ‘drown’ myself into all his news! Hahaa!

      Very terrible of me right?? Never for one second i can stop myself from reading abt him! Oooh except if i’m in meetings at work lah. Hehee!

      Carol, i was never a fan before too and i am shocked at myself too!
      This adorable & charming guy here is making me go all crazy abt him! Die liao lah! ^o^
      I also wish someone can tell me why am i like that huh? ;p

      • I am crazy over JKS too. This is also my first time to be a fan! I’ve caught JKS virus, a very serious malady, during YAB…And now I’m trying to transmit this virulent virus to my friends and cousins and even to my patients…heeheehee…They couldn’t believe that I became a fangirl to a Korean star! And I’m not ashamed to be one…

      • OMG thats me too.. i should change my name to crazyoverJKS2 lol
        shecks, every single hour i need to have a dose, im even having withdrawal symptoms on weekends now that im used to seeing floods of pictures of his weekend trips.. aigooooo may 28 come already..

        and oh yeah!! ahjummas in the club lol,, my husband asked me one day, “whats happened to you?” coz i also let him hear sukkies songs and i asked for his opinion of how nice his songs are, which we both cant understand!! hahahaha

      • haha… my breakfast also aphrael blog…. even when i’m in other country, can’t resist to read update of his news from my mobile phone, and since i only bring my current number, not buying local number, it suck up my phone fee…haha…
        i could listen to his songs all day long…and can’t sleep before seeing his face… i think i should be crazyoverjks the 4th.

      • ok so i am nt the only mad person who take regular JKS dosage daily :P…. Morning once and Evening once.. and at Nite… a “drowny” dose.. LOL

  2. of course i will marry you KeunSuk!! im 4 yrs younger than him, so can la. haha! okay im going crazy.
    and i realise many ahjummas like him. haha! oops.

  3. Sorry, girls !
    I’m not married yet,
    so I’m gonna say “YES” to him on behalf of all of eels here !!!!!!!!!
    LoL…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i’m smiling while reading all your comments here.. i have the same feeling with you all gals.. that’s why sometimes my hubby imitating JKS because he knows how crazy i am with JKS and ask me “Do i look like JKS now?”.. hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ .. of course not though my husband has a beauty of korean but i think i love JKS more than him now.. hehe.. just my secret he will kill me if he knew ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha!

    • Hahaha!! Don’t worry migrap26, for sure you are not the only one. ๐Ÿ™‚
      All of us here are equally crazy as you are over our dear JKS. ๐Ÿ™‚
      He is simply tooooooo irresistible!!! hahaha!


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