10 thoughts on “[Jap TV] スッキリ Part 1”

  1. wow….Sukkie is really a topic in Japan now and now I understand how he helps in Japan’s re-building after the unfortunate disaster.. and I also feel that it is a cultural exchange as he has interest in learning Japanese & culture since young & now he is introducing Korean culture to Japan in many ways….through drama, wine, cosmetic, food etc.. he is sure the best Seoul Ambassador for Korea…isn’t he amazing as an ambassador as he can make everyone smiles with happiness and forget the unhappy & sad moment.. Cheers!!!

  2. If you wait for a while, I will try to translate it into English.
    But I don’t know how to put the subtitles on the video…
    It’s my first challenge…

    Aphrael, after translation finished, may I send the script to you and would you complete the task?
    And I’m not sure how to make a translated text.
    Just writing the script in English? Or add the time record to refer to the screen?

    • Hi tenshi,

      you’re really wonderful! thanks for offering to translate!

      Sukbar has released Chinese subs for this 18-min video, so I can do it tonight and not bother you.
      I cannot check all these as I’m at work now, so can you see if this is the same video you’re offering to sub?

      Cos usually for such a long video, it takes several hours just to translate the language part and may even take a day or so. If it’s the same, I’ll spare you all the tedious work….

      of course, if anyone volunteers to subtitle a video, you can save the English lines in a Word document – one line and then you press “Enter” to write the next line. When you send the document to me as well as the link to see if I can download the video, the rest is relatively easy. It’s the translation that takes many hours….

      • Aphrael, it was the same video. What should I do?

        Do you use the Sukbar’s Chinese subs when you usually translate the video? If I translate it into English, I just use the narration and Japanese subs. I don’t know which is easier.
        We can share the task to separate the video.

        I’m so busy at work on weekdays, but I can spare some time on weekends.

        Everyday I’m given happiness through your site, so I hope I can be of some help to you. So please feel free to ask me a favor not only for this translation.

      • I’ll let you know later tonight when I get home… I’ll do one part, you can do another part… I’ll check later which part has less work and you can take the lighter part… you’re really wonderful !!!

        If there’s anything I can do for you, let me know too! ^^

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