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  1. I love Zegda shots! They’re so colourful and he’s so playfull in it! Thanks for sharing! I was moving out of my house and with no internet access I was seriously missing our prince :'( !!!

      • HGD?!! Whose watching HGD here? Chang Hwe is THE most captivating, memorable, moving and absolutely the forever resident heart occupying character that Keun Suk has ever portrayed so far!

      • sweety …. if she has finished watching!

        i totally agree!! Chang Hwe and Hwang Tae-kyung are JKS’ best characters so far (he’s good as Mu-gyul too), but I absolutely love Chang Hwe!

        to be able to portray such in-depth feelings at his then younger age of 21, i think JKS is a fantastic actor!!

        … the sad thing is, I don’t really want to re-watch HGD in case I throttle the female lead for not liking such a wonderful guy and my heart breaks again!

      • actually I get stuck with Sukkie since I watched HGD & BV on DVD before YAB…he is the 2nd male lead but I was surprised to find such good young actor…worst still, don’t know he is the same person in HGD & BV ^_^ until I saw this actor from YAB who looks familiar & captivated by his singing…and start to find out the name of the actor….silly me to know only then it is JKS who acted in all 3 dramas which made me become a fan for the first time in my life… to me he is like Chameleon!
        Whenever I listen to “Let Me Cry”, I will remember his crying scene in HGD…very touching & real good acting! Just watch his eyes throughout this vid…
        (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lSc5HJQuyU

      • Same here โ€ฆ.i started to admire him after I watched HGD and I influenced my sister also with the same drama. She watched YAB first (actually itโ€™s her first to watch Korean drama) and she told me that the lead star was good (she donโ€™t know JKS yet). I told her to watch HGD, but heโ€™s only the 2nd lead star and she got star struck with JKS and gave all the good adjectives to describe him. And now, she already watched all Sukโ€™s dramas and movies available. And it was a good influence….

      • Hihihihi I’m past episode 12!!! I’m totally addicted by now!!!!

        @Staying up late I’m catching up all JGS dramas I started with HGD next is BV I think, I thought about giving up and just ffwd through JGs scenes (lol) but by episode 8 I was hooked!!!

        Thanks for encouraging me to watch it Aphrael!

    • Same here… Hv yet to continue but caught up wz daughter’s homeworks… I keep fwdg non-Suk scenes though… what im amazed with is how Suk’s age totally change with different hairstyles. He was 20 when he acted HGD but I would say he looked at least 28! Yes I agree that he’s a chameleon!

  2. Talk about HGD…. ๐Ÿ™ I cried so much. Those who has finished watching this drama, hv the same feeling too or i’m vy emotional type !! While for those who has yet to finish….. you will know why I’ve cried… ๐Ÿ™ JKS really can transformed very well….. can mk you cry, smile, felt his charm and love him vy much. Just dun know why………Hwang Jini mk me cried even more…. charming little “puppy”

  3. Hooorrraayyy!!! for EVERYONE here who has watched or is watching HGD!!!

    HGD is how I discovered Jang Keun Suk. Initially I watched the drama because of the lead actor (don’t know what’s his name by now). Then there is this incredibly noble, brave, sensitive, intelligent, devoted and not forgetting to mention very handsome and charming Prince Chang Hwe. Second time I rewatched the drama, I simply fast forwarded everything and watched ONLY the scenes with Chang Hwe (suggest Sweety, you do the same – the lead actor and actress are really quite irrelevant and only serves as distractions!). Finally concluded that the lead actor and actress deserve to burn in hell because they don’t know a good thing when they see one. So nevermind Ivy/Aphrael, Chang Hwe will find an equally kind, beautiful but much, much more intelligent girl than Yuri. Also agree with Wap that he does look GOOD in that royal yellow!

    After HGD, watched BV (he was wonderful as a musical genus-rookie and the drama is really very enjoyable and delightful albeit it not recieving fair due attention in Asia except for Japan), YAB, M3 and all the movies that Keun Suk acted inbetween with special mention – The Itaewon Murder. Suggest that every self proclaiming fan should do the same because by then you would realise with significant impact that Keun Suk is truly a phenomenal actor. He absolutely convinces you into believing every character that he plays from the way he looks (physically from head to toe), moves, talks and facial expressions. The most amazing thing is that every character that he has played so far has been so different and yet he could still pull each one off so perfectly! A true sign of professionalism.

    The only drama of his that I could not watch in totality is Hwang Jin Yi – can’t stomach his character dying. And for those who have not watched The Itaewon Murder, I suggest you do so – he will knock/scare you out of your minds! Still love him even if he is a murder suspect! That’s how brilliant he is!

    • staying up late,

      i always love your adjectives to describe our JKS – “incredibly noble, brave, sensitive, intelligent, devoted and not forgetting to mention very handsome and charming Prince Chang Hwe”… all so apt!

      i wouldn’t suggest first-time watchers to skip the plot though … despite the irrelevance and some trashy comical parts, the story is still essential against which our dear Chang Hwe stands out with all his endearing qualities… and just so to arrive at the conclusion that the two leads can “burn in hell” haha~!

      • Hahaha! I think i know what you mean, the lead girl can be frustrating. How can she chose hgd over the prince? He’s the prince charming, hello!

        There aren’t enough words to describe jks, but you’ll notice so many superlatives comes to mind. Btw, thanks for my daily dose of jks news ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yeah! When he was interviewed for The Itaewon Murder, the interviewer asked what was the single most memorable line if he was to chose one? Guess what was his answer? A brilliant: “I didn’t do it!” Smart and humourous Suk! For those who’s interested to hear him speak English (which he does incredibly well with that manly voice), watch it. He spoke English throughout until the very last scene when he finally spoke some Korean.


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