[Interview] Hard to forget ex-girlfriend, JKS filmed swimming pool scene

Credits: Hong Kong Ming Bao Weekly香港明报周刊 – 2217 issue
English translation: Aphrael77

Having shot to popularity last year based on Korean drama “You are Beautiful” (YAB), Jang Keun Suk came to Hong Kong last Thursday for his “Jang Keun Suk 2011 The Cri Show in Hong Kong” and stood on stage as a singer. Last year, JKS had expressed dissatisfaction with the Hong Kong media for pursuing him in his private life. In our interview, JKS talks about his feelings and love story; also on this trip, JKS has also filmed a video clip at the hotel’s swimming pool.

JKS was not a singer but had been invited many times to sing soundtrack for his dramas due to his singing prowess, and his good singing voice has long been acknowledged. Determined to make acting his focus, JKS only released his first Japanese EP “Let me cry” in April this year after many years in showbiz. The hit song then proceeded to top Japan’s Oricon charts with sales surpassing 100,000.

“Having been in showbiz for so many years, all along I did consider releasing an album, but as I am a young actor, I want to concentrate my energies on acting. Until I feel that I have performed well then I took on the challenge of being a singer. I am very happy and surprised to see my song topping Japan charts! I’ve never thought that I would get this kind of reward. I heard that Hong Kong fans all bought the album, thanks to everyone for their support. I also hope to release a Chinese album but I need to learn Chinese before that. The Korean album has already been produced and will be released in mid-May. My Europe photograph book and DVD will also be released.”

Last year after his Hong Kong fan-meeting, JKS returned to Korea to film drama “Marry me Mary” (M3) which has begun airing in various Asian countries and stirring up another tide of popularity.

“Although my characters in YAB and M3 are singers, Hwang Tae-kyung is a perfectionist whereas Kang Mu-gyul is a person who is free-spirited and free of inhibitions, so I am more relaxed in acting Kang Mu-gyul and have less pressure. In reality, what I have in common with Kang Mu-gyul is we both like girls (fans, Mummy and colleagues) and drinking. The difference is that JKS does not give up of his own will; he loves adventure and hopes to become a honest and sincere person.”

Last year in Hong Kong, JKS revealed beforehand that he wanted to visit Lan Kwai Fong and as a result, he was pursued by the media. That night at Lan Kwai Fong, he looked displeased and shielded his face with a bag. When he left the nightspot, he used his suit to cover his drunken state.

“I am not displeased with the media’s pursuit, but this kind of thing does not happen in Korea. I don’t mind some pushing and shoving and won’t be unhappy, but because of the language barrier and cultural differences, I don’t know what they want to do. If fans follow me around in Korea, I will warn them. There were fans who would not give up, so I posted on the internet that if they do this again, I will not let myself be seen so easily in future. After this, they listened obediently.”

Will disclose his girlfriend if any

In every country he’s been to for his fan-meeting, JKS will visit the local nightspots. There are several rumours but he dismisses them. “As we go to different countries to work, it is tough work for everyone. I just want to have a celebration with my team. It’s not what you all think. In Korea, we often go out for karaoke and barbeque too.”

Still bothered by past relationship

“I had a girlfriend once and was about to break up after 2 years of dating, but actually I didn’t want to and still miss her now. At that time, I was filming “Hong Gil Dong” and our relationship was disclosed by the media. She’s not in showbiz and was under much pressure. On the other hand, she wanted me to spend more time with her, but I really could not because I was too busy with work, so we broke up although I didn’t want to. If I have a girlfriend in future, I will definitely disclose our relationship, not because I can do what I like because of my popularity, but because I need to think of her feelings. I don’t want her to be unhappy and I feel I need to be fair to her. I hope she can understand me and treat me like a normal person, and we lead normal lives. But I am very afraid that fans will be jealous and aggressive towards her, so I decide not to date for now.”

JKS stayed at W Hotel while in Hong Kong, which has a beautiful swimming pool on the rooftop that overlooks Hong Kong’s night scenery. “Last year in Hong Kong I had lots of time to swim in the hotel’s swimming pool but when I arrived here this time, I felt the weather was cooler and so I could not go swimming.”

But after the interview, JKS finally managed to go swimming. One of the staff took a 30-minute video of JKS at the pool, including some scenes where JKS and his colleagues were drinking champagne and pushing one another playfully (all males, so there were no amorous scenes). These scenes will be included in the behind-the-scenes DVD of the Asia Tour.


标题:难忘拍拖两年女友 张根硕酒店泳池秘密拍片
香港明报周刊 – 2217期

难忘拍拖两年女友 张根硕酒店泳池秘密拍片

去年,凭韩剧《原来是美男》成为人气新贵的张根硕,上周四来港举行《张根硕2011 The Cri Show in Hong Kong》,这次更以歌手身份站上舞台。去年,张根硕对香港传媒追踪他的私生活表现得十分不满,接受本刊专访首度谈到内心感受及爱情故事;原来这次来港,他曾秘密在酒店泳池拍摄一段游泳短片。

张根硕虽然不是歌手,但因唱功了得,多次被邀为剧集唱主题曲,好嗓子早被公认,不过他入行十多年,坚持专心拍戏,直至今年四月才推出首张日文EP《Let Me Cry》,主打歌旋即登上日本Oricon流行榜冠军,销量超过十万张。




张根硕每到一个国家举行歌迷见面会,例必到当地(ye dian)见识,香艳的传闻倒也不少,在他眼中却没有弦外之音。





34 thoughts on “[Interview] Hard to forget ex-girlfriend, JKS filmed swimming pool scene”

  1. really feel sorry for Sukkie at times when he can’t have normal social gathering or private life after being so famous… it is really a great sacrifice at such a young age…

  2. See, he said : ” If fans follow me around in Korea, I will warn them. There were fans who would not give up, so I posted on the internet that if they do this again, I will not let myself be seen so easily in future. After this, they listened obediently.”

    As I have said before NOT TO STALK him. Let him move around freely and at ease in all the countries that he is and will be performing. The more his fans follow him (particularly in an aggressive manner), the LESS he will allow himself to be seen casually in public. That will severely contraint his movements, life and personal space – a permanent loss to the fans who actually, really wish to see more of Keun Suk at ease, happy and working his mutiple talents.

  3. Thanks aphrael, as always you are the first with such an interesting imterview.
    Staying up late, I am with you! It is time to warn all unbalanced, immature so called fans what will happen if they will be following JKS in aggressive manner. Remember to behave and leave him a private space! Otherwise you and all of us will lose the opportunity to see him happy!

  4. This broke my heart: “But I am very afraid that fans will be jealous and aggressive towards her, so I decide not to date for now.”

    T_______T omg sukkie im sorry

  5. I hope all fans would learn from this interview of JKS. We couldn’t blame him if he is apprehensive brought about by fierce fans and paparazzi,it is because of language and culture barrier. Here in my country, top and popular stars could easily roam around the country without being aggressively pursued. Like where I live, in our condo building, there are some popular stars who also own a unit here but they can wander around like ordinary persons.

  6. As fans we should not be jealous or aggressive towards his girlfriend, we should be happy for JKS and his girlfriend and wish them the best.

  7. Same as other eels reading the interview, I’m so impressed with his sincerity.
    I’ve come to like him more and more…

    Every sincere eel should not behave badly.
    We should behave well to be ease JKS’s happy life.

    • 是啊,我也记得那个访问。不晓得是哪个环节出了问题,或者是小硕自己改变主意了?

      现在说公不公开,未免言之过早,也不准吧~ 要等哪天他真的遇到了那种情况,他自会有处理方式。

  8. For sure is difficult for a non showbix girl to understand or under pressure being JKS girl. I’m in d opinion that is much better to hv someone from showbiz or related to the filming or entertainmt industry… coz she will understand JKS is facing &will not b that demanding. Whoever his future gf to be, i won’t b jealous coz he needs luv & being lonely (as long as she is faithful & luv him being a normal man instead of fame & $$$) coz now JKS is super rich & famous now

  9. Really feel so sad and sorry for Sukkie after reading this article…. 🙁
    I can imagine how sad & lonely he is and how frustrating it is when he can’t even go out with his friends on a normal outing.
    I mean, I’m sure most guys at his age are all having the best time of their life now. Like going out with good friends for a meal, shopping, chit chatting over a drink, clubbing, and dating even!!!!
    But poor Sukkie got to sacrifice all these and he can’t do all these freely cos he will always be watched by fans & paparazzi. 🙁
    His private life is not easy to keep as a secret anymore… and I really feel the pain when he say he have decided not to date for now cos he fear that fans will get jealous and turn aggressive towards his gf. *heart aching for Sukkie* Sobz… 🙁

    And I agreed with all the eels here, we need to give & respect Sukkie. If he says he needs personal space & time, then please give it to him.
    I have seen videos where Sukkie was being pushed & shoved around in tight spaces by reporters where he can’t even walk an inch! And there’re also some fans who were too fanatical that our poor Sukkie got pulled, tugged, touched (remember Sukkie don’t like to be touched by strangers?) and sometimes even accidentally scratched by fans!! Heartache right? 🙁

    In fact, I seriously find that JKS is one of the BEST actor/singer in this entertainment world!! He is the one & only artist that really give all out to his fans! 200% fans service!
    Which other artists have you seen being so friendly, always full of smiles, sending out Hello & Goodbye waves, flying kisses, impromptu short dance and cute jokes!
    And at all FMs, Sukkie is always the one that will offer his hand out first to greet & shake hands with his fans. And not forgetting his special hands-clasping handshake with fans! 🙂
    Even though he doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, he still hugs his fans and tells the security guards that it is OK, they are friends!! OH MY!!! Isn’t Sukkie the sweetest guy on earth! 🙂 🙂

    And BEST of all, his angelic smile that will melt everyone’s heart! [To all eels who are feeling sad for him, this video will definitely cheer you all up – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLrFeLT9_MU ] 🙂

    All in all, I really admire his frankness and courage to share with the media a little about his personal life & thoughts here… especially his past relationship.
    As a fan of Sukkie, I sincerely wish that he will find his true love one day and wants him to be happy and living blissfully with his partner. 🙂
    As long as Sukkie is happy, I know I will be happy too. Cos I wouldn’t want to see a day where Sukkie has no smile on his face.
    Am I right gals??? 🙂
    So sorry for this long winded comment here….. hehehe!

  10. I agree with everyone comments but if ur dating the one & only JKS would you not tell anyone?!? Seriously if I was dating JKS I would tell the whole world! 🙂

  11. “The top is such a hard place”, reading this interview aww I really feel for him, it’s always the double edged sword! Anyway I wish him happiness and don’t be afraid we won’t hurt your girl loool BE HAPPY!

  12. Well, i guess this is the difference between teeager fans and ahjummas/noonas fans.we are all such wise and understanding (sometimes we need to praise our self lol ) anyway,all i wish for JKS is : PLEASE take care of your health!! though u need to socialize,i would prefer u to go to bed and take some rest…

  13. Hi!
    1.Thanks for the translation.
    2.He’s right in every single word .You already know my opinion about privacy so I won’t repeat it. I only hope the girls fans would chill and let him live his own life.Otherwise I’m afraid he’ll get bored and hide and avoid meeting them .I tried to be polite, as you may observe.
    3.See you, Aphrael!

  14. how lonely jgs is feeling now i love him so much
    i want to say that don”t loose your heart
    be brave aja aja fighting jgs
    have a strong feeling and fresh start
    i can”t see you loosing your heart which makes cry…………………………@
    love+miss you a lot
    sarangheo oppa nan chua heh…………………………@
    “strings of the song plays the saga of love”

  15. gotta get a good life….life is beautiful….fans should be considerate in one’s own feeling…just admire and be inspired ….

    well, to “unat” sukkie…just stay cool …try to live normal and always take a deep breath….still consider your life…though…..you are really an everyone’s prince….fans will understand your situation….be HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYY…..that’s the best!!!!!

  16. what a very high price to pay for being famous. And at a very young age when you should just have fun socializing with friends and dating. just cheer up okay. don’t overwork yourself. The time will come when you will meet the right girl. fans love you so much. sometimes they get too excited to see you and forget everything else. Just take good care of yourself. We still want to see your smiling face and be happy always.

  17. i agree in all the eels said here.. but i guess it his choice for now, to concentrate in his career, if its his choice he must be happy right now because this is also one of his dream.. in every decision there’s always something to let go.. personal life will follow after he fulfill all his goals in his career.. and i’m sure he will find it in the future.. JKS is very intelligent person he knows what his doing.. so JKS fighting!! hurry conquer the world!! be always happy and nothing to worry because we eels will always be loyal to you coz you already win our hearts!! 🙂

  18. If I were his girlfriend (!!!),
    I could accept anything happened between us (JKS & me…) ,
    I could control my feeling even if we couldn’t see each other for a long time.
    Because though divided we are sure that we were one.
    …. sorry it’s easy for unmarried me to daydream like this… 😛

    If JKS found his special girl,
    I would be happy to hear the fact he finally found one,
    I would like her just because he whom I love loves her,
    I would support them to enjoy their happy and sweet life.

    My only hope is JKS’s happiness.

    To be honest, I want to have a look at him every moment, but I should be patient.
    I just thank God I met him, love him, pray for his healthy and peaceful life.
    Just thinking of him and doing my best to be nicer woman than before makes me satisfied 🙂

    • wow…that is the magical touch of Sukkie as he can make many of his eel fans become women full of love & kindness…^_^ actually I also want him to find his own happiness & just looking at him from far with happiness will make me smiles with happiness too…we are all infected with JGS’s virus…no cure already! LOL….

      • Yup!!! All of us are diagnosed with JKS’s virus now! Hahaha! 🙂
        One smile from him will make us go ‘Awwwwwwwwwwwwww’….
        Isn’t Sukkie amazing! Really love this man so much!!
        I just can’t get enough of him everyday! 🙂

    • … mm, this reminds me of a fan letter I’ve been wanting to translate for quite some time … will get around to doing it tomorrow if I have the time…

      Our happiness is to see that Sukkie is happy in his life …

  19. Jgs is a decent guy who just happened 2b working in showbiz.I respect him not just as a celebrity but a human being with a good heart.He deserves 2b successful both professionally n privately.

  20. I so sorry about these.

    I feel about “Good Heart” to think about feeling of human

    Hope you have more time

    Take Care..

  21. I feel sorry for Sukkie especially when you are so famous you don’t even have a private life of your own.Everywhere you go or do there always fan and paparazzi follow you around.So as a fan we should let him have his own private life and we should wish him & his girlfriend all the best in fact we should be very happy for Sukkie and his girlfriend.

  22. I completely agree with u guys…..we all need space at times…..and love goes with respect…lets respect him…..and be true eels……#madloveforu …..sukkie


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