10 thoughts on “[Korean magazine] ASTA TV – May 2011”

    • Kinokuniya will have it, but I suggest call them first before you go, because it may not have arrived in Singapore yet.

      Tel: +65 6737-5021

      and ask to be transferred to their Chinese department.

      • i search on kinokuniya @ bugis junction, looking for thailand Asta TV magz 2010… can’t find it either… >.< maybe out of stock?

      • Kino at Takashimaya Orchard has a wider selection, only Korean and Japanese magazines.

        They have ASTA but maybe the May 2011 issue has not arrived yet?
        Need to call them and ask.

  1. Probably it will arrive ard mid-may? cant wait to get my hands on this magazine! its around 20+ SGD right?

  2. hi aphrael..
    do u know why there are 2 versions for the may issue? i was so disappointed.. ordered from kino but the version they give me was a JYJ special…:((((( sukkie only 8 pgs…:((

    • Can’t you exchange it for JKS version? I hope you can 🙂

      I heard it was very rare that they had 2 version.
      I bet they couldn’t wait for the June issue to put JKS’ hottest CRI Show on it.
      So they issued JKS’ special version!


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