[Update] Taiwan Cri Show: Ticket purchase date

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News have it that the ticket purchase date for Taiwan’s Cri Show is 14 May 2011 from 12 noon.

Date of Cri Show: Sat 25 June 2011
Time: 19:00 hours
Ticket price (NT$): 2000/2400/2700/3000/3500/3900/4500
Venue: National Taiwan University auditorium (rough translation), Taipei

Taiwanese organiser Joytime has not released any official announcement on Facebook.
Ticket purchase is available online at this website, though the Cri Show event is not yet posted on the website. Once the Cri Show is posted on the Taiwanese website, I will provide a direct link there for those who are interested.

Meanwhile, I standby to try and buy a ticket… ….

张根硕全球中文网:[KSC][消息]台湾cri show5/14中午12:00开始售票!!
2011/06/25 19:00开show

24 thoughts on “[Update] Taiwan Cri Show: Ticket purchase date”

    • yes, i’m planning to go. but tickets sell out so fast and last year the same website hang on ticket sales day…. so if i’m lucky enough to get ticket online, i’ll go.

      almost impossible to get a ticket for Shanghai FM (another fast sell-out in China), so it’ll be my last chance to see JKS this year 🙁

      • Ya the SH one will be extremely difficult cos that is his last show. I think I will decide when more details on the autograph are out. 🙁 gonna cost another bomb.

  1. What price of ticket u r looking at? Have to decide fast if I want to go…. Can ask u to buy ticket on behalf or not?

  2. he’s tottaly change from super duper hot in let me cry MV and now so cute and adorable, oh my… I love this man !!

  3. i want to go also!!!!! But then i dont think i can though……(still studying) Hai…… living in my country is like so boring…… no concert, nothing…… But then i still pray that kuen suk’s concert will have a great response!!!! Good luck everyone….. hope you all get to buy the tickets….

  4. I want to go too! aphrael, where can we get the info for his FM there? you’re right I thought I can go to shanghai but was also thinking that tickets will sell out there faster. 🙁 are you guys going? This is our last chance to see him. Would you know if he has anything in korea too? I also would like to go there if ever. If not in taiwan. thanks!

    • The 14 May date I mentioned here is not confirmed by Taiwanese organiser Joytime.
      So the tickets have not gone on sale yet until Joytime’s official announcement.
      I will update with direct link to ticketing website once there is one, but the website is completely in Chinese

  5. im having difficulty looking at the taiwan cri show ticket website..
    is it sold out,, its not in the lsit,
    im using google chrome to translate the website…

  6. oh my i did not see Aphrael77’s last comment
    Accdg to joytime,, they have not released yet the official date of ticket purchase
    that is why im wondering why i cannot see JKS Cri show in the list..
    Will be waiting though…
    Fighting Cri..!


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