Pre-order Jplus official photobook by 6 May 2011 through Aphrael77


For people in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, vPost allows you to place an order with the Japanese merchant and will provide you with a Japanese (vPost) address. Then vPost will ship from their Japan address to your address. Shipping charges will escalate if the shipment is heavy.

You need to register a vPost account and it takes a few days to activate an account depending on the requirements and efficiency of vPost in your country.

I’ve been quiet on this topic because my JKS craze and my rational side have been warring with each other for days and I cannot make up my mind whether to buy or not. Just this morning when I’ve come to the painfully rational conclusion to wait for it to be available on YesAsia, then while writing this post and calculating the costs, I decided to just go ahead and buy it anyway!!!

Well, I know a few of you from Singapore and if you wish to place an order through my vPost account, I can help but you will need to pay the full (estimated) amount upfront in cash via bank transfer.

Please note though, there is always a possibility that any Jplus Limited left over from this pre-order round MAY be available on YesAsia at a later date, and YesAsia’s delivery may be free. So please make your own decision. For details,

For Malaysia & Australia


For Singapore

At the bottom of the vPost Singapore homepage is some information on shipping rates and how to calculate shipping charges.

* Deadline for J-plus pre-order: 10 May 2011

* DEADLINE for J-plus pre-order though Aphrael77: Friday 6 May 2011 (COB, Singapore time)

If you want to order through me, just leave a comment under this post, and I will contact you at your email address you have input here. Order is only confirmed when I receive your funds transfer.

My estimate is based on 3 kg.

Purely an estimate. If you have ever bought art paper at bookstores (or Popular) by weight before, you’ll know that a few pieces of paper can easily weigh 100 grams, not to mention 160 B4 pages and including the packaging that the merchant will use. I’m hoping it does not exceed 3 kg just for Jplus Limited.

If your shipment exceeds 3 kg and additional shipping charges are incurred, these costs will be passed on to you and have to be paid to me before you collect your shipment from me. Erm, if you don’t pay (which I don’t think any of you dear friends are like that), I get to keep them! Haha!

* Please note in my currency conversion to SGD, I round up a few dollars because credit card rates are usually not favourable.
If the total actual cost is less than what you’ve paid, I will return the excess to you upon shipment collection.


Based on 3 kg


34 thoughts on “Pre-order Jplus official photobook by 6 May 2011 through Aphrael77”

  1. Are you planning to get A and B? I am definitely interested to get A but not sure about B. The website for ordering is entirely in Japanese and seems like we have to register as member before we can pre-order online. Though there is an option for non-member to buy on-line, but I have problem in using that because I dont really understand those Japanese haha……

    • Yes, I will get A and B. I calculated the cost per postcard. 80 postcards divide by SGD $50 = $1.60 per postcard, I think it’s worth it!

      Will try to complete purchase on non-member basis… I think it should be no problem.
      I tried the transaction half-way and I could see my order summary.
      So long my order summary is correct and I see the credit card payment page, it should be fine.

  2. Hi dear. I’m interested to buy from u.. can u email me? I’m wrking nw.. so I cnt type much.. thnk u so much!

  3. Dear aphrael,
    You’re sooooo kind!

    I’m not sure that you know the privileges of this pre-order program in detail.ย Hense I will let you know before you order it.

    ( I’m so sorry that I haven’t checked the privileges in detail until now… I myself ordered it already on the first day… )

    1) those who order in a pre-order period can get a chance to join JKS’s autograph session in Japan.(though the number of lucky eels is only 300…)
    2) they can receive it a month before the regular release schedule. The regular schedule is due in the end of July, so those who order in a pre-order period will get it at the end of June.ย 

    If you don’t mind you get it in a fastest schedule, you still have a chance to order it after May 10, 2011.

    It may be difficult that I can get more information about the international version and DVD by the day.

    You might have known these information above, but the only thing I can do is to let you know these.

  4. hi!! I’m interested in buy from u but I actually want to buy C ( only the Jplus photobook A4) so can you email me so I can explain better? thanks!!

    • Have emailed you, but for the benefit of everyone else, here’s my take:

      Jplus is $60 + $10 (delivery charge in Japan) + $50 (vPost shipping rounded up to nearest 10).
      Actually, in vPost charges, there’s a $16 base charge that will be shared by us all, so you won’t have to pay that full $16. But I’m estimating the weight to be 2 kg.

      You can try weighing any magazine – it’s easily 1 kg.
      Or try weighing Her World – that will be much heavier…

      But frankly, I advise against ordering Jplus with vPost because of the shipping charges.
      Jplus seems to be the normal version and possible that later on, YesAsia will have it or the International version.
      And shipping for YesAsia is free… so are you sure you want to incur vPost shipping charges now?

  5. Hi!
    I am wondering if you can get the JPlus Limited-Japan Limited Edition one for me too?
    I appreciate it.. email me,
    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Aphrael,

    how is the Jplus’ normal version different from International version.
    International version will be in english translation / sub?

    • We only hear that there will be an International version but according to all sources (including from our Japanese friend here tenshi_akuma who took the trouble to check with Frau in Japan), there is no other news on the International version.

      In short, this means that we do not know anything about the International version, what is its contents, release date etc – all unknown.
      So I am not able to tell you anything.

  7. Shiro 401 wrote in her blog that Frau is said to make some announcement about the international version sometime in May. Is there any way we could check (ie write directly) with Frau for more details? Or even Keun Suk himself for that matter (fans with more direct access to him could leave a message for him perhaps?).

    Went to relook at the description of Jplus Limited which says that it has a 160 page B4 book containing 32 pictures. Does that mean that the rest of the 128 pages are words (Keun Suk’s thoughts)? If that is really the case, then the International, supposed translated hopefully to English contents would be so much more insightful and definate must have! Of course the ultimate gem in the whole package is the DVD which simply cannot be missed. Will the International version also come with the DVD? What is your take on the issue?

  8. he’s getting cranky listening to my ringtones and alarm…lol! if he sees that he might just sue me of adultery. hahahaha!

  9. Hi, I am new to vpost thingy so did some search and found that there is some promotions for some credit cards.

    By the way, from the website, it says GST is chargeable for over $400?
    (Extracts from Vpost website)
    Guide to Computation of Customs GST

    Applicable if CIF of each individual package exceeds S$400

    CIF = Total Cost of Products in a package / order + Insurance + Freight (or Shipping Charge)
    Total Cost of Products in a package / order = Cost of products in a package / order + USA Sales Tax + USA Domestic Shipping Charge

    I can’t decide whether to buy or not!!! ahhh…… spending alot on him recently.. ๐Ÿ™

    • Hi Ferlyn,

      Thanks for checking it out.
      It appears there is a 3rd option of how to consolidate shipment without incurring GST.

      I may have to order each “package” individually so that the invoice for each “package” does not exceed S$400, and vPost is still able to consolidate shipments within a 14-day period.
      I will call SingPost to clarify…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ahh,,I just saw the message now…

    can I pre order them through you now??
    really want these.
    if possible,pls contact me,thank you very very very much!!

  11. Ivy, I’m gonna piggyback on your order of Jplus limited too. Email me the transfer details. What would the total amount be like if I wish to order all 3 versions of it?

    • Yes, it should be in Japanese…. I’m looking more at the pics though ^^

      it is your decision whether to wait for the International version because there is no news currently on its contents and release date.

  12. Very tempted! But with limited funds, will wait hopefully for international version, more interested in his thoughts, if in jap, can’t read :p


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