[Update] “Let me cry” album sales topped chart last week!


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Guess what?

Today I received a big news about JKS’s accomplishment.
JKS’s debut album”Let me cry” was the bestseller last week. And he is the first and only foreign artist who made the largest number of weekly sales as one’s “debut” album!!!! It means that JKS made a Japanese music history!! Further, even including Japanese male artists, this feat is for the first time in 30 years!

I’m really happy to hear the news and I’m sure JKS is also happy to hear it. He and we Japanese eels had to give up his showcase where he planned to unveil his debut songs because of a big disaster occured in Japan. But many eels were waiting for the time we could listen to his songs. I’m full of happiness and I want to share this with not only Japanese eels but all eels in the world.

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Aphrael77’s Note:

Yes!! Congratulations to Jang Keun Suk!
That’s an amazing achievement! Not only is it due to the efforts made by JKS’ team, the quality of the album and his own talent, it is also largely due to all the support from eels worldwide, who rushed to the Japanese website too to buy his albums 🙂 Together, we have made this happen!!

It is really sad that his Tokyo Showcase had to be cancelled (I was very tempted to go to his Showcase too! Haha! I’m forever tempted!!) Hopefully, he’ll be able to organise another Showcase or fan-meetings in Japan soon ^^

19 thoughts on “[Update] “Let me cry” album sales topped chart last week!”

  1. oh man! chukhahae KeunSuk ah!!! We eels feel so proud of you! 😀
    So happy to hear this!! and thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. congrats oppa:x

    “Multi-entertainer Jang Geun Suk is definitely one of the hottest hallyu stars. While he is currently busy touring various Asian countries with his “The Cri Show,” his debut album managed to make history. Jang Geun Suk’s debut album “Let Me Cry” has claimed the number one spot on Japan’s Oricon chart. His album managed to sell over 119K copies within the first week of its release. This is only the second time in the history of Oricon charts that a male solo artist managed to take the top spot with his debut single – Masahiko Kondo was the first in December 1980.” cre: biskuteelblog

  3. this is definitely his year and its the year of the Rabbit! SOOOOO PROUD! time for a US tour *please* *Mary’s puppy eyes*

  4. congratulation sukkie… yes! even i’m here in the philippines, i’ve already got the copy of Let me cry…. i’ve ordered thru hmv online, and it’s great… you’re really fantastic with magnetic touch in everyone’s heart… God bless you always sukkie… take care….

  5. Been playing his “Let Me Cry” album in my drive, followed by M3 part 2, then repeat. On and on and on, Keun Suk’s voice and his singing. Even hubby and kid is humming the songs! His topping of the Japanese charts is well deserved.

    Now thinking if I should buy the normal version of LMC which contains a different song number 3. Based on the DVD, that song number 3 sounds light and lively -wonderful!


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